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Watch That Your Mama Put: Restaurant Admits Selling Weed Laced Noodles So Customers Keep Coming Back!

The owner of a noodle restaurant has confessed to lacing his trademark dish with opium – so customers would keep coming back for more. The restaurant owner, known only as Zhang, admitted to police that he had been grinding poppy buds into the food after one of his regular customers tested positive for opium during a routine traffic stop earlier this month. Customer Liu Juyou, 26, was initially baffled when he tested positive for the drug but soon managed to prove his innocence by convincing family members to eat at the Shaanxi province restaurant and then have themselves tested. Zhang said that he had purchased 4.4lbs of poppy buds for $100 (£61) in August and had been crushing them and adding them to the noodles to ‘make it taste better and to improve his business’. Although the quantity in the noodles was not enough to be habit-forming – which therefore means Zhang’s plan failed – it is enough to show up in drug tests. China has a history of adding poppy powder to dishes, though it…

Igho, Young Nigerian Billionaire Tops List of 100 Leaders Of Tomorrow

The world renowned Choiseul Institute for international politics and geo-economics has just released its ranking of the top 100 young economic leaders of Africa with Igho Charles Sanomi topping the rank of 100 economic leaders of tomorrow. The annual independent study ‘Choiseul Africa 100’ by the Parisian institution, takes into account the economic leaders of Africa, up to the maximum age of 40, who will play a major role in economic development in the African continent in the near future.
The ranking is the result of work conducted over several months, which appealed to many experts and specialists on the continent, the result of which ranked Sanomi, CEO of Taleveras Group at the top of the league table.

The full list includes successful business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and drivers of innovative projects on the African Continent.They embody the dynamism and renewal of a whole continent and carry the hopes of an entire generation. In classifying the selected profiles, the …

#$9.3m Arms Deal Scandal: Oritsejafor Breaks Silence, I Have No Hands In It!

The President of Christian Association of Nigeria  (CAN) Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor has finally broken his silence about his involvement in the $9.3m arms deal scandal in South Africa and he had the following to say:

"I wish to assure you that I will not do anything to tarnish the image of Jesus Christ or compromise the divine standard of the church. As you are all aware, the media has been awashed in the past few days about an unfortunate incident involving the movement of funds from Nigeria to South Africa. In the unfortunate news reports, attempts have been made to link me directly with the transaction. So far, I have refrained from making any direct public response pending the time that I would have briefed the leaders of the church and explained my position on the issues to them.

I believe that the primary institution that I owe any explanation to is the church. At the risk of being seen to be defending myself, I wish to confirm to the distinguished leaders of the church th…

#Finally The Pictures Are Here! First Photos From George Clooney And Amal Alamuddin's Wedding

Speaking to PEOPLE magazine in the US, in conjunction with HELLO! magazine in the UK, he said: "Marriage feels pretty damn great. We're looking forward to everything."

George wed the 36-year-old lawyer in Italy, on Saturdayat the historic Aman Canal Grande hotel, where the pair shared a lengthy kiss after exchanging traditional vows.

The couple exchanged platinum rings as they wed in front of around 100 guests, including Hollywood actor Matt Damon and U2 frontman Bono, during the 30-minute ceremony.
Amal's mother Baria praised George's "wit" and "generosity" and described him as "perfect" in a speech at the event. Below are a few first pictures of their day:

#WONDERS SHALL NEVER END! Decriminalise Incest (Sex Between Siblings), German Government Told By Experts!

A major advisor to the German government has recommended that incest should no longer be criminalised.The German Ethics Council said that although sex between siblings is a social taboo, ‘the consequences cannot justify a ban under criminal law’.

Its 90-page report was in response to case which made headlines across the country. A brother and his half-sister, who was eight years his junior, conceived four children – two of whom were disabled.
Patrick Stuebing was then jailed for three years after the courts ruled that the relationship was illegal.

The council wrote: ‘The right of adult siblings to sexual self-determination in a consensual relationship weighs heavier in these cases than the abstract good of the family.’

Dr Michael Wunder, a psychotherapist who sits on the GEC, defended its recommendations – and insisted it does not endorse the decriminalisation of sex between parents and their children.

Elisabeth Winkelmeier-Becker, a member of the ruling CDU party, has rejected the c…

#A Liberian Mother Claims Her BABY Turned Into FULLY GROWN MAN In SECONDS & Ran Off!

A Liberian newspaper is claiming a two-month-old baby transformed into a GROWN MAN in SECONDS.

Liberian paper the Daily Observer splashed the story of Smith Freeman, a child who suddenly reached adulthood in front of his mother's disbelieving eyes. Unsurprisingly residents in the district of Bong County were said to be in "unbelievable shock" at the news.

The child's/man's mother, 16-year-old Lorpu Kollie, was on her way to a farm when her son began speaking "like a five-year-old" and demanded to be put down.
"This was my first time seeing a two-month-old baby talking so clearly like a five-year-old child,” Lopu told the newspaper.

Marcus Malayea, the journalist who wrote the sensational story, wrote: "As soon as she put Smith down, the two-month-old boy instantaneously began to grow into a full-grown man."
Once his spectacular growth spurt was over Smith apparently ran off into the bush and has not been seen since.

Smith's father Wa…

George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin Step Out As Man & Wife In Venice, Italy

After getting married in front of a crowd of Hollywood elite, George and Amal took their first outing as man and wife.

Although the wedding photos are not out yet to let us have a glimpse of the top lawyer's wedding gown, she was still dressed in bridal white as she stepped out with her movie star husband. Ms Alamuddin, 36, slipped into a pretty pale lace dress with intricate floral detail, adding a few extra inches to her long lean legs with some metallic stilettos.

The groom wore a grey tuxedo by good friend and luxury designer Giorgio Armani, who dresses Clooney for big events including the Oscars and the Met Gala.

Boko Haram: Senator Ndume’s PA, Six Others Arrested For Planning To Attack Abuja!

Reports according to DailyPost from Maiduguri, the Borno state capital has it that, the Personal Assistant to Senator representing Southern Borno Senatorial District, Senator Mohammed Ali Ndume, Iliya Adamu alongside six other persons have been rounded up by security operatives and have been taken into custody for alleged membership of the Islamic sect, Boko Haram.

A security source in Maiduguri said the suspects were said to be planning mischief to be carried out in the Federal Capital in a continuous bid to destabilize the current peace being enjoyed by Abuja residents.
He said those arrested along with Iliya Adamu include; “Hamidu Adamu, Musa Mustafa, Yukubu Hassan, Saidu Hassan, Habib Hamma and Adamu Hamma and they are currently being interrogated and are giving security operatives leading information on their operations and those behind the plot.

You would recalled that, Senator Mohammed Ali Ndume is still standing trial for a similar offence.

Nigeria Receives FAO Award For Reducing Hunger

The federal government has received an award for its achievement in reducing the number of people suffering from hunger and for making progress in guaranteeing food security for Nigerians.

The award certificate signed by the Director General of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), Jose Da Silva, was presented to President Goodluck Jonathan by the Minister of Agriculture, Akunwumi Adesina, just before the Federal Executive Council meeting on Wednesday.

President Jonathan described the award as the beginning of better days ahead for Nigerians while the Minister of Agriculture said that the award was a confirmation that the international community recognised that Nigerians were being well fed under the Jonathan administration.

The FAO believes that the number of Nigerians suffering from hunger and malnutrition has reduced drastically, in line with the millennium development goals target of achieving a hunger free society by the year 2015.
Mr. Adesina said this was possible becau…

NIGERIA: Imo Stata Govt Sets To Shut Down Hotels!

Following the increasing  number of unwholesome hotels in Imo State, the state government has announced plans to shut down hotels established without official approval and operating below standards and without the relevant security devices and medical aids.

The state commissioner for Transport and Tourism, Chief Ken Anaeme disclosed this while briefing newsmen on programmes slated for the “2014 World Tourism Day” celebration in the state with the theme: “Tourism and Community Development”. He said that the measure is part of government’s efforts to sanitize, strengthen and boost tourism in the state.Anaeme who also denied allegations of government imposition of N40,000 on each hotel proprietor in the state for the purchase of a piece of the nation’s flag said that a neutral body mutually selected by the government and the hotel owners is rather in charge of the project, adding that the N40,000 levy was a product of mutual agreement between the hotel owners and company in question.

Breaking News: At Last George Clooney Is Married!

It's official! Hollywood's favorite bachelor George Clooney is a married man!
Clooney's rep confirms to Us Weekly that the actor and his love Amal Alamuddin exchanged vows in the luxurious, seven star Aman Canal Grande hotel in Venice, Italy on Saturday, September 27.

The happy couple were joined for their celebrations by their family and friends.

Rome's former mayor, Walter Veltroni, a personal friend of Clooney's, conducted the ceremony in the stunning 16th Century hotel, which only opened a year ago and has the ambience of a private palazzo.

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Cameroonian Military Capture Boko Haram’s Top Commander, Abakar Ali

Cameroonian soldiers have captured Abakar Ali, one of the top commanders of insurgent fighters belonging to the Islamist group, Boko Haram. According to our reliable source, the Cameroonian army also seized a huge cache of arms and ammunition from the Islamist militants during the operation according to

Abakar Ali who also goes by name "Mustapher Umar" was caught with 5 machine guns, 14 rifles, 24 rockets, 4 rocket launchers, 6  Kalashnikovs, 60 Kalashnikovs magazines, 4 automatic pistols , over 500 9mm ammunition, 469 12.7mm ammunition, 4,454 7.62 mm ammunition, 1,491 5.56 mm ammunition, 822 ammunition of 7.62 mm, 6 grenades, 28 rocket launcher chargers and other weaponized accesories like pincers, tweezers and knives.
 A mid-level Nigerian military officer, who is serving with a multi-national force that operates around the Nigeria-Cameroon border, revealed the information to SaharaReporters via telephone. He disclosed that Cameroonian soldiers nabbed M…


They claim to be the religion of peace. They are called the "Islamic State in Iraq and Syria".
Barack Obama claims they aren't Islamic. (Hey bud, it's in their name.) 
They are Islamic. They are barbarians. They do want to take over the world.
In a three photo slide show, an ISIS cleric kills a baby belonging to a Christian family who refused to convert to Islam. ISIS thugs are spreading across the Middle East and are calling on their affiliates in the United States to begin doing the same. After Friday's beheading in Oklahoma, Americans need to both be on guard and be angry.

The "religion of peace" has started another Crusade, and most Americans are blissfully unaware.
If there's ever a time to realize that the enemy is here and they must be defeated, it is now. 

IN THE CASE OF UNITED KINGDOM: Legal Requirements For Parental Responsibility! What Is The Case In Your Country/Where You Are?

Parental Responsibility
It is thought that both parents are entitled to parental responsibility as soon as their child is born. Looking that what is going on around the world right now, it is very important to highlight the above to steam away ignorance and get parents and potential parents to do the needful and stop wallowing in ignorance and irresponsibility.

In the case of the United Kingdom, a mother automatically has parental responsibility for her child from birth.

The conditions for a father gaining parental responsibility vary.
If the parents of a child are married to each other at the time of the birth of their child, then
they both have parental responsibility.

Parents do not lose parental responsibility if they divorce.
Where the parents of a child are not married to one another, the mother always has parental
responsibility for her child.

The father of a child has parental responsibility only if he is married to the mother when the
child is born or if he has acquired legal…


Chelsea Clinton has just given birth to a daughter, according to a tweet posted early Saturday on her Twitter account.

“Marc and I are full of love, awe and gratitude as we celebrate the birth of our daughter, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky, “ read a twitter message posted about 12:30 a.m. Saturday.
Marc is her husband Marc Mezvinsky.

The Associated Press reported that Clinton spoksman Kamyl Bazbaz said the baby was born on Friday. The couple lives in New York City.
The child is the granddaughter of Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton. Both re-tweeted their daughter’s message. A Cull from

$9.3m Cash Smuggling: Credible Source Confirm Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor Was Involved In Arms Deal!

Very credible security sources have revealed that contrary to the denials of ‘Pastor’ Ayo Oritsejafor, the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), details have surfaced confirming he was involved in the movement of $9.3 million cash to South Africa, purportedly for the purchase of arms.
A security source revealed to SaharaReporters that along with the pastor, President Goodluck Jonathan and the National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, coordinated the movement of the cash, and that its original destination was Cyprus, not South Africa.

It would be recalled that the story and documents emanating from the Nigeria government are to the effect that the officials were going to use the money to buy arms from Tier One in South Africa. It turned out Tier One is not registered in that country to sell arms, and that it was going to buy them, somehow, from the ESD International Group Ltd in Cyprus.

Trying to wash his hands of the sordid story, ‘Pastor’ Oritsejafor had said he l…

VIDEO: WHAT is this Monster Found in Vietnam?

The video, which was found on a Chinese site with little in the way of an explanation, is most likely a recording of a beached, deceased whale being loaded on a trailer for burial. It seems that in Vietnam, whales–dead or alive–are considered harbingers of good luck, and fishermen are always happy to see them in their waters. However, when one of them shows up dead, the fishermen will work together to pull the creatures to shore for entombment. The animals are absolutely not to be hunted or eaten.

But what in the world could it be? A giant worm? An alien aggressor? A genetic experiment gone horribly wrong? The Ghost of Christmas Past?? Well, not quite… First, take a gander at this thing. I mean, seriously, what the hell is that? Recently, Karapaia, a Japanese news site focusing on the strange and weird, posted a video of what seems to be a giant monster being dug out of the ground in Vietnam. In the video, the long, fat, gray slug-like creature is surrounded by a crowd of curious onl…

VIDEO: Wonders Shall Never End! South African Pastor Lesego Daniel - Gave Congregation Petrol To Drink As Friut Juice!

The controversial South African Pastor Lesego Daniel of Rabboni Centre Ministries, infamous for making his congregation eat grass, has surfaced again, this time making his church members drink petrol after he purportadly turned it into pineapple juice.

In the video, members of Pastor Lesego’s congregation are seen drinking what the pastor claims is petrol claiming it tastes sweet, like pineapple juice and Iron Brew.

If you look very well, you will observe that it looks like Holy spirit entered into those that drank the purported juice as soon as it touched their tonge. This type of miracle should be banned and perpetrators prosecuted as this could turn a dangerous trend in Africa.


According to a report by the Special Adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan (Media & Publicity), the President has assured the international community that next year's general elections in Nigeria will be conducted in accordance with global best practices to further strengthen the country's democratic institutions. At separate meetings with the United Nations Secretary-General, Mr. Ban Ki Moon and the British Prime Minister, Mr. David Cameron before leaving New York late Wednesday, President Jonathan reaffirmed his personal commitment to making elections in Nigeria progressively better, freer and more credible.

The President said that in keeping with his administration's dedication to openness and transparency in the conduct of public affairs, international observers will be allowed to freely monitor the 2015 elections and affirm that the elections are as free, fair and credible as his administration has promised.
He thanked Mr. Ban Ki Moon and Mr. Cameron for their cont…

No One Pressurized Amaechi To Dump PDP - Gov Aliyu

Following the news making the airwaves most recently about Gov. Amaechi's decision to decamp to the APC from the PDP in which Niger State Gov. Babangida Aliyu was mentioned as among the people who advised Gov. Amechi to that effect, Gov. Aliyu seems to have had enough and decided to break his silence and has vehemently denied ever encouraging the Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal, to leave the Peoples Democratic Party to contest the presidential election next year.

According to, he said this through his Chief Press Secretary,Israel Ebije. In a press statement release,  the governor pointed out that Ameachi who is alleged to have made the revelation has personally denied knowledge of the story and has distanced himself from the online publication which accused him of doing so.

He therefore, refuted the allegations that Governor Sule Lamido of Jigawa State and himself had deceived Amaechi to lea…

NAWAA FOR NIGERIAN EFCC! EFCC Arraigns Poor Fishermen For Fishing In Unauthorized Waters!

Wonders shall never end in Nigeria, a country where politicians thief as much as they can with impunity while the common wheelbarrow pusher on the street pay the price.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) yesterday September 24th arraigned six fishermen Adekunle Oshingbosi; Momodu Ibrahim; Idowu Tuesday; Togbosi Christian; Benjamin Eyinle; Anthony Medoho,  and their company, Oshine Resources Ventures Limited before a Federal High Court sitting in Lagos for allegedly fishing in unauthorised waters.
According to the EFCC, the men were arrested on March 27th by officers of the Nigerian Navy for fishing in Nigerian territorial waters without getting authorised approval thereby violating Sections 1(1)(2) of the Seas Fishery Act Cap S4, 2004.  When the 2 count charge of conspiracy and stealing was read to the men, they pleaded not guilty and applied for bail through their counsel. The presiding Judge, Justice Ibrahim Buba granted them bail in the sum of N10 million each w…

Felix Idiga, The Second Man Behind The $9.3m Cash For Arms Scandal Exposed!

According to a report by, Felix Idiga is the second man involved in the $9.3m cash for arms scandal involving Nigeria and South Africa. Idiga according to the report is a well known man in South East Nigeria. This is on account of his emergence as one of new breed billionaires from that region. That he is also close to the Christian Association of Nigeria president, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor might be stating the obvious. After all, the man of God sits on same board of about two companies with Idiga. One of such is Swat Nigeria and Eagle Air Nigeria. Idiga said to be the chief executive officer of JAFAC group is into construction with Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) as it’s major customer.
Those who know this fellow say he made chunk of his money through his association with the top shots of NDDC and major militants in the south- south. Sources say he was allegedly involved in oil bunkering along with emergency money bags like Scott Tommey and Delta based Ayer…


The father of UK's Labour party frontbencher who is tipped as a future party leader died in a mysterious car crash that friends fear was a  political assassination, the reported. Chuky, as I call him is a household name in UK politics and has been tipped to be the UK Barack Obama.

Bennett Umunna, whose son Chuka is Labour’s business spokesman and MP for Streatham, was killed in Nigeria shortly after  standing for governoship election in Anambra state Nigeria.
Although Mr Umunna – a wealthy London businessman who was a director of Crystal Palace football club – was tipped to win the post,  his supporters claim he lost the vote after refusing to pay bribes during the campaign.

Now close friend Ron Noades, who was chairman of Crystal Palace at the time, has spoken for the first time about his belief that the car crash 20 years ago was no accident.
‘We always thought he was killed by someone, because he did things on the night of his death that he never did in Nigeria,…

WONDERS SHALL NEVER END! Government House Director Of Finance Killed And Buried Inside His Friend's Bedroom In Sokoto

What a terrible act! Kebbi State Government House’s director of finance, Alhaji Yahaya Saidu has been killed and buried by people suspected to be his business associates at Kwanawa area of Sokoto metropolis.

Briefing newsmen at the Police Command Headquarters, the PPRO, El-Mustapha Sani, a DSP, said sad the incident happened on the 15th of September but they got the report on the 18th and effected arrest on the 19th of September, 2014. The finance director was said to have been called for a meeting by his agent, Bello Ubandawaki who resides in Kwanawa area of Sokoto metropolis on the 15th.

Parading the suspects, the PPRO said the police swung into action after getting the complaint from the late director’s wife that her husband had not been seen for three days.
“Police swung into action and went to Bello Ubandawaki’s house, and discovered a newly dug hole cemented in his bedroom; the police dug it and found the corpse and exhumed it. On further investigation, we also arr…

Why I Exposed T.B. Joshua For Bribing Journalists, Governor, Babatunde Fashola, Dodged Reporters Through A Back Door – Nicholas Ibekwe

The last 48 hours were probably the most intense in my life. The love, kind words and support I’ve received in that period from, mostly, total strangers have been overwhelming. I want to thank everybody who saw the good in what I did. Though, to be honest, I think it was a little stupid. What was I thinking putting my life and probably my career on the line in an attempt to change something so entrenched it seems unchangeable? But really I’m not fazed by the trash talk from those allergic to the truth. It’s a long time coming and someone has to put the Big Ben on the fat cat, I guess.

During the same period I’ve also been insulted like never before. I’ve been called the most uncomplimentary names and all the curses in Deuteronomy hurled towards me. They should be ashamed that the brushed ego of their spiritual godfather meant more to them than the over 90 lives that perished under the rubble.
I can deal with the trash talk and name-calling. But I’m also not naïve. I’ve made plans to evac…

iPhone 6 Plus Bending: Irate Apple Fans Report New Smartphones Bending In Pockets!

The coming of iphone 6 was seen as another level in the world of mobile handsets manufacturing but not without the recent mishaps that as trailed it's launch.

First of all, the phone was dubbed the imitation of one of the Nokia 2012 series and most recently in what’s already being dubbed ‘bend gate’, owners of Apple’s new iPhone 6 Plus are reporting that their new smartphones are being bent out of shape – just from being carried in their pockets, according to

Apple has yet to respond to the issue, but numerous pictures of unintentionally curved iPhones have been circulating on Twitter, with one intrepid YouTube user (Unbox Therapy) even sacrificing his handset to prove that, yes, the iPhone 6 Plus does indeed bend.

It's thought that the issue is simply because the 6 Plus is so much larger and thinner than previous phones, that the aluminum case simply doesn't have enough strength proportional to its length, the uk independent reports.

WOW! Ex-Gov Orji Uzor Kalu Reportedly Acquires The Most Expensive Private Jet In Nigeria

According to Encomium mag, former Governor of Abia state, Orji Uzor Kalu, now has the most expensive private jet in Nigeria. The jet, which is the latest edition of the Gulfstream G650, is said to be worth about N12billion and arrived the Murtala Mohammed International Airport Lagos on Thursday September 18th from New York.
Described as the fastest civilian jet in the world, the PJ boasts of a basketball court, 8,000 statute-mile range, some of the most sophisticated avionics rivaling nearly anything in the sky and uses two Rolls Royce BR725 engines. The main price of the aircraft is put at $65 million but other charges could have raised it to $75m. According to Forbes, the Gulfstream G650 has an order book of 200 customers throughout the world.


Contrary to news making the airwaves today it has emerged that efforts of the security agencies to free the 219 Chibok girls from their Boko Haram captors has failed again.
Vanguard learnt from top security agents that the deal to free the girls, who have spent 162 days with their abductors, had broken down almost irretrievably as a result of the inexplicable decision by the

Boko Haram side to ask for impossible conditions. One of the conditions put down by Boko Haram at the last minute was that the Federal Government must account for and produce 18 of its top commanders said to have been captured and detained in several detention facilities across the country.
Although the government was willing to free some of the Boko Haram detainees in exchange for the girls, a top government source, who was privy to the discussions, said that many of the Boko Haram commanders could not be traced.

The top government official said: “Boko Haram commanders suddenly demanded an equal man-to-man excha…

BokoHaram: Real Shekau Killed Since June 2013 – FGN Australian Negotiator Stephen Davis

Shekau killed June 2013 — Davis
Davis, in a mail to Vanguard, said that Abubakar Shekau was killed around June 19, 2013 while they were close to concluding a peace deal on the Boko Haram insurgency.
Davis said:  “I continue to hold to the position that Shekau was killed on or about June 19, 2013 when we were close to concluding a peace deal. Videos immediately prior to that time were produced using a “fake” Shekau. The fake Skekau is Isa Damsaka. It was confirmed to me by Boko Haram that he was killed in the recent military engagement at Konduga.

“Most members of Boko Haram have never seen Shekau. They believe what they have been told that Shekau is their leader. The real Shekau is dead. The Shekau the world has been seeing in videos is a “fake” and Boko Haram fighters have been fooled. They have followed blindly.
“The message of Boko Haram purifying Islam is also fake. When the Boko Haram leaders broke the news of Shekau’s death in June last year, they said he had diverted from the H…

Former Sunderland Star Asamoah Gyan Denies Using His Friend For Ritual!

Ghanaian star and former Sunderland striker Asamoah Gyan has been bizarrely accused of having a hand in the death of his friend, Ghanaian rapper Castro. Some people in Ghana are accusing Gyan of using Castro for human sacrifice ritual.
In July, Theophilus Tagoe, popularly known as Castro, went missing while on holiday with Gyan and other friends. The musician was presumed to have drowned in a jet ski accident, but his body was never found which led to the allegations against the striker, with his family constantly being hounded by Ghanaian press.
The football star  and his family have denied having a hand in what happened but the accusations are refusing to go away because of the lack of a body. Gyan announced on his website today that he will be holding a press conference to finally address and bring some clarity to the matter
"The Gyan Family will hold a press conference on Wednesday to address recent issues of public interest including the disappearance of musical icon Theop…

BREAKING NEWS: Some Abducted Chibok Girls Released – Defence Headquarters!

News making the airwaves this eveninig as we speak has it that some of the abducted Nigerian Chibok schoolgirls have been released.

One of the reports quoted a source from defence Headquaters as follows: ''A top military source said two Toyota Hiace buses loaded with the girls were driven into the Maimalari Barracks in Maiduguri this evening.''

''When contacted, Defence Spokesperson, Chris Olukolade, confirmed the development. He said the exercise was still ongoing and that appropriate statement would be made soon.''

However, we are watching developments and will bring you the news whatever the situation.

Nigerian Journalist Missing After Appointment With Niger State Officials - PREMIUM TIMES

A Nigerian journalist, Fejiro Oliver, is missing after travelling from his Asaba base to Abuja allegedly on the invitation of the Secretary to the Niger State Government, SSG, Saidu Ndako, on Friday. Mr. Oliver, who is the Managing Editor of an online news medium, Daily Voice NG, was said to be working on a story on the activities of the Niger State government. According to PREMIUM TIMES, he called Israel Ebije, the spokesperson to Governor Babangida Aliyu of Niger, to seek the governor’s version of events in the story. Mr. Ebije reportedly referred him to Mr. Ndako.

According to Mr. Ejiro’s wife, she last spoke with her husband on Friday while he was in Abuja to honour an appointment at the instance of Mr. Ndako. Speaking to PREMIUM TIMES over the telephone on Sunday, Mrs. Oliver said, “We were together when he received a call and he told me that the SSG of Niger state insisted that he should go over to Minna so that they can meet.” She said her husband insisted that he would not g…

Chelsea Fan DIES After Frank Lampard's Manchester City Equaliser!

Fahad Musanan, 24, was watching the Premier League clash with friends in Uganda when he fainted as Lampard slotted home with minutes to play.

His friends rushed him to hospital but the 24-year-old, himself a professional footballer in the Ugandan Premier League, was pronounced dead upon his arrival at Bombo Military Hospital.
"He has been a passionate fan of Chelsea and would do anything for the club," Musanan's friend Gerald Bagoole told Kawowo news agency.

"We trained with him on Sunday morning, had lunch together."
Kawowo reported: "Being a staunch Chelsea die-hard, it is believed shock might have led to his heart failure and complications."

Fred Kajoba, Musanan's coach at Simba FC, confirmed Musanan had made no complaint during Sunday's training session.
The Federation of Uganda Football Associations (Fufa) released a statement on their website moments after the player’s death on Sunday evening.

“Fufa is in shock after receiving news about…