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ISIS Use Torture Device On Breast-Feeding Mother!

According to a post at the UK Mirror, a woman was caught breast-feeding her baby and subjected to what can only be called medieval torture. Members of the sadistic all-female religious police known as the Al Khansa brigade used a device known as a “biter” on the woman’s breasts, the Mirror added.

The giant device consists of two iron jaws c overed in spikes that are clamped around the victim’s chest causing immense pain. Residents in the beleaguered city say the Al Khansa force tortured the woman after they found nursing her child in the Syrian city’s bus station.

According to a report originally posted at the Christian Post, the young woman was reportedly arrested and tortured for not wearing an approved burqa.  But residents say she was found breastfeeding in public.

“I was in the market buying a few items when the Khansa battalion came and arrested me on the grounds that the Niqab which I was wearing did not meet Sharia requirement,” the 24-year-old woman said.  “They arrested me …

FROM THE ARCHIVE; Stop Killing Boko Haram Members – Buhari Tells FG


You would recall that former Nigerian Head of military junta and APC presidential flag bearer, Major General Muhammadu Buhari asked the Federal Government to stop the clampdown of Boko Haram insurgents two year ago, saying Niger Delta Militants were never killed or properties belonging to them destroyed.

Gen. Buhari was among those who pressured FG to enter into negotiation and amnesty programme with Boko Haram without knowing that that was a way of diverting FG's attention for Boko to regroup, re-arm and gain more grounds in the North East, leading to the level of insurgency we had lately.

Buhari said this two years ago on a Liberty Radio programme, Guest of the Week monitored. He then accused the government of killing and destroying houses belonging to Boko Haram members while the Niger Delta militants get special treatment.

The former dictator said that unlike the special treatment given to the Niger Delta militants by the federal government, the Boko Hara…

#Some Other Fundamental Projects You May Not Know GEJ's Administration Has Undertaken Towards Moving Nigeria Forward!


Russia, China Finding A Way Around US Dollar To Trade In Local Currency

Russia and China are set to use their own currencies in trading using financial tools as swaps and forwards in response to the latest round of US sanctions against Moscow over the Ukraine crisis. On Monday, an agreement signed at the end of October came into effect which would allow a currency swap of CNY150 billion (up to 25 billion USD) between the two countries in an effort to reduce the influence of the US dollar and foreign exchange risks, www.presstv reports.

Russia has been hit with a series of sanctions by the US and the European Union which have accused Moscow of playing a role in the ongoing crisis in eastern Ukraine, a claim Russia has repeatedly rejected.

Regarding the sanctions, Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov has said, "Undoubtedly, we will not be able to leave this without a response."
The China Foreign Exchange Trade System would use swaps and forwards for Malaysian ringgit and the New Zealand dollar as well, which would expand the yuan’s…

GMB Makes It At No 80 On The List Of Famous Dictators In The World; Would You Want Him A Comback?

List of the most notable and famous dictators in the world, with photos when available. Most prominent dictators worldwide can be found on this list in alphabetical order.

From ruthless dictators to the lesser known dictators in history and should answer the question "who are the most famous dictators in the world?". This list has everything from Adolf Hitler to Kim Jung Un.

Many of the dictators on this list are considered some of the worst people in the history of the world. They left their mark on world history, but almost every time it's had a horrible lasting impact.

Get The Full List Here;

WARNING! WARNING!! WARNING!!!- APC - A SATANIC PARTY; Shocking Footage Of ‘APC Politician’ Performing Ritual While Naked!

The publisher wrote;''This message is not to whip up sentiments or to create hatred, but I owe it to Nigerians to speak the truth. I am a Pastor of one of the largest single sitting congregation in the world.'' ''I am not a card carrying member of the PDP (People Democratic Party) nor for APC (All Progressive Congress), but a prophet and an advocate for the oppressed and voiceless citizens of Nigeria. President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is innocent.''

A shocking video allegedly showing a Lagos State politician performing a strange ritual while naked has been posted on the internet by a controversial Nigerian pastor.

The video titled, ‘APC – A Satanic Party’ was posted on video-sharing website YouTube by ‘Archbishop Samson Mustapha Benjamin’, the General Overseer of Lagos based ministry Resurrection Praise Ministries International, popularly known as ‘Jehovah Sharp-Sharp’.

America Wonder; A 2yo Boy Accidentally Shot & Killed His Mom In Wal-Mart

A 2-year-old boy has accidentally shot and killed his mother after he reached into her purse at a northern Idaho Wal-Mart and her concealed gun fired, nypost reports.

The woman was shopping with several children Tuesday morning. Kootenai County sheriff’s spokesman Stu Miller confirms to The Associated Press that the victim was the boy’s mother.

The woman’s identity has not been released. Officials say she had a concealed weapons permit.
Miller says the shooting was accidental. It occurred in the Wal-Mart in Hayden, Idaho, about 40 miles northeast of Spokane, Washington.

The woman and the children were in the back of the store near the electronics area when the shooting occurred, nypost reorted


1. Abia - GEJ
2. Anambra - GEJ
3. Ebonyi - GEJ ...
4. Enugu - GEJ
5. Imo - GEJ
6. Bayelsa - GEJ
7. Cross River - GEJ
8. Akwa Ibom - GEJ
9. Edo - GEJ
10. Delta - GEJ
11. Rivers - GEJ
12. Osun - Buhari
13. Oyo - undecided or let's say 50 - 50
14. Ogun - GEJ
15. Ekiti - GEJ
16. Ondo - GEJ
17. Lagos - GEJ
18. Benue - GEJ
19. Kogi - GEJ
20. Plateau - GEJ
21. Nassarawa - GEJ
22. Niger - undecided but GEJ is certain of his required 25 %.
23. Kwara - Somehow Buhari but Gej will still get his 25% or more than that ...atleast 45%.
24. Adamawa - Not certain Is Gej due to his interference in the state's chapters party affairs in ....Buhari might win. But GEJ will get nothing less than 45% ....if not more than the required 25%.
25. Taraba - GEJ
26. Borno - Buhari
27. Yobe - Buhari
28. Bauchi - Buhari but GEJ will get his required 25%.
29. Gombe…


Born in Otuoke, Bayelsa State, on 20 November 1957.
St Stephen’s primary school ( now state school ) Otuoke, 1961 – 1965
St Michael’s primary school, Oloibiri, Bayelsa State FSLC, 1966 – 1969
Mater Dei high school, Imiringi, Bayelsa State , 1971 – 1975
University of Port Harcourt, 1977 – 1981
University of Port Harcourt, 1983 – 1984
University of Port Harcourt, 1987 – 1995
Academic Qualifications:
First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC) 1969
West African School Certificate (WASC) 1975
General Certificate of Education (GCE O/L) 1976
B. Sc. Zoology Second Class (hons) Upper Division 1981
M. Sc. Hydrobiology/Fisheries Biology 1985
Ph. D. Zoology 1995
Employment History:
Preventive Officer, Dept. Of Customs & Excise, 1975 – 1977
Science Inspector of Education, Rivers State Ministry of Education, Port Harcourt , 1982 – 1983
Lecturer, Dept. Of Biology, Rivers State College of Education, Port Harcourt , 1983 – …


We hope GMB will be gentleman enough this time around to congratulate GEJ on another round of electoral defeat come Feb 2015 and not resort to violence like he has always done.  This is how it stands by INCE; 

Video; Man Pulls Out Very Long Ingrown Hair From His Face!

This video shows a man pulling an ingrown hair out of the side of his face with a pair of tweezers.

The person who uploaded the video said ''I had this pimple that would ooze every couple of months for the last year or so.'' ''The dermatologist told me it was a cyst she would have to cut out. Apparently it was just the longest ingrown hair in history.''

Rihanna Parties In Just Bikini Bottoms And Braless Aboard A Luxury Yacht!

The internet has refused to be broken this year 2014! First, it was Kim K, then Nicky and now Riri on board a luxury mega yacht in St. Barths.

AirAsia Flight QZ8501: Plane Crash In Java Sea!

More than 40 bodies from the missing AirAsia flight QZ8501 have been found along with debris, authorities have confirmed. A navy spokesman says an Indonesian warship has recovered the bodies from the sea during the search.

According to, “based on the navy radio, it has been reported that the warship Bung Tomo has retrieved 40 bodies and the number is growing. They are very busy now,” Manahan Simorangkir said. Some bodies did not have life jackets on.

Indonesian officials have confirmed that debris spotted earlier today is from the missing plane. The debris is about 10 kilometres from when it was last seen on radar.

The plane, with 155 passengers and seven crew, was less than an hour into a flight from Surabaya, Indonesia, to Singapore when it is believed to have encountered a violent thunderstorm. Its pilots requested a change of flight path due to bad weather, just minutes before contact was lost.

#A Sight & Sound Of Gov. Fashola's Lagos, Nigeria!

How could a government who claim to have achieved heaven on earth still have a place such as this within sight.

 Ojota going towards Maryland in Lagos? You would have noticed the Olusosun dumpsite that stinks to the high heavens. 

Tagged as Nigeria’s most popular refuse dump, Olusosun has been a subject of foreign documentaries in the past because of the many activities of scavengers at the site.

#Special Assistant To Former Nigerian Minister Of Sport, Ohimai Godwin Amaize Takes A Swipe At GMB On Twitter!

Politics is very good at bringing loads of facts to limelight! 


You see what politics can do to some people and their faith. Wonders shall never end! Our days of judgement here on earth will strike loads of surprises. APC's VP candidate is roaming the streets of Lagos campaigning not for God but for Gen. Muhammadu Buhari & Tinubu.

Mmmm......! Bola Tinubu Once Called Gen. Mohammadu Buhari An Agent Of Destabilization!

Tinubu never wanted Buhari to be president because he believed he was an agent of destabilization.

See revelations;

#Female Medic Back From Africa Trip Tested Positive For Ebola In Glasgow UK!

A UK Female NHS nurse was last night confirmed as Britain’s first Ebola case as officials raced to trace hundreds of passengers who flew with her, according to

#Watch This Video; Chicago Police Will Shoot You Even If You Surrender!

This is the real United States police. How on earth would you be shot even after you have surrendered. And surrender means to yield to the power, control, or possession of another upon compulsion or demand.

#How The "Looming" Greatest Environmental Threat To Nigeria Is Now A Vital Source Of Life - GEJ Achievements

As someone from an Agricultural background by training, I need not be told the importance of water resources to the development of a nation or the dangers of erosion of any kind to a nation's source of livelihood. A lot has been said about the achievements of the Goodluck Jonathan administration in the Agricultural sector, but have you heard about this one?

According to the Federal Ministry Of Water Resources,  Kashimbilla Multipurpose Buffer Dam Project is located between the towns of Kashimbilla and Gamovo on River Katsina-Ala in Takum Local Government Area of Taraba State. The dam is principally intended to check the threat of flood from the structurally weak volcanic Lake Nyos, located in the high Bamenda Plateau (300m above sea level) upstream along the Cameroun line of volcanic activity . This disaster, if allowed to occur, will affect the States of Taraba, Benue, Cross River, Kogi and Delta.

The eruption of the Lake which took place on August 21, 1986, in Cameroun, release…

Al-Qaeda Urges Jihadists To Attack AA, Delta United, EasyJet, BA, AirFrance Planes!

British Airways and easyJet are named as targets for 'lone wolf' attacks  as well as AA, United and Delta airlines in  the US, alongside Air France. Magazine contains supposed instructions for would-be suicide bombers.

The chilling call to arms in the terror group’s online magazine says the airlines should be targeted to gain headlines and ‘crush the enemy’s economy,'' the dailymail reports.

#Haba! Twitter Rounds On Gen Muhammadu Buhari. Nigeria Beware!

#Gov. Lamido Accuses Buhari Of Divisive Campaigns, Playing Religious Card In The North & National Unity In The The South!

From; Governor Sule Lamido of Jigawa State has accused the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress APC), Major-General Muhammadu Buhari, of divisive campaigns in the northern and southern parts of the country.

Stating this yesterday at the Malam Aminu Kano Triangle during the official declaration of the gubernatorial candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state and a former chief of staff, Malam Aminu Ibrahim Ringim, alongside his running mate, Dr Nurudeen Mohammad, Lamido noted that a critical look at the situation on the ground exposes people like Buhari as being insincere in both intent and purpose.

Elaborating, Lamido alleged that when Buhari talks to the electorate in the North, he usually plays up the religious card, but once he is in the South, he plays it down by harping on the unity of Nigeria.
Lamido wondered why Buhari had gone out of his way to select a Christian as his running mate and what this portends, adding: “Why then …

#Unbelievable! As Popular Lagos Radio/TV Presenter Tolu Oniru Visits Estate Called ''Dustbin Estate Ajegunle,'' Lagos State

The popular Radio/TV presenter, Tolu Oniru, a.k.a Toolz visited Dustbin Estate in Ajegunle, Lagos Saturday to donate food items. It was so heart-breaking for her to see the challenges facing people living in this community. Hear her,

"I went to the Dustbin Estate in Ajegunle for the first time to donate food and I'm still lost for words. The people there build their houses with planks on refuse dumps.

"I spoke with the community leader and he said that the government forget about them. Most of the houses were smaller than my bedroom and had to accommodate whole families sometimes. There's really no running water and only a handful of the houses have electricity. "This is one of the 3 toilets the whole community shares. Can you imagine what it's like after heavy rain?"

INEC Releases List of Presidential Candidates/Running Mates & Guidelines for Screening Of Candidates

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on Saturday released the list of the presidential candidates to run in the 2015 elections. They are as follows;
President Goodluck Jonathan of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), General Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Prof. Comfort Oluremi Sonaiya of Kowa Party, Ambrose Albert of Hope Democratic Party, Ganiyu Galadima of Allied Congress Party of Nigeria, Rafiu Salau of Alliance for Democracy, Godson Okoye of United Democratic Party, Dr. Nani Ibrahim Ahmad of African Democratic Congress, Martin Onovo of National Conscience Party, Tunde Anifowoshe-Kelani of Action Alliance, and Chekwas Okorie of United Progressive Party.
Their corresponding running mates are:
The Incumbent Vice-President, Namadi Sambo (PDP), Prof. Yemi Osinbajo (APC), Saidu Bobboi (Kowa Party) Haruna Shaba (Hope Democratic Party), Balarabe Ahmed (ACPN), Prof. Clinton Cliff Akuchie (AD), Haruna Adamu (United Democratic Party), Obianuju Murphy…

Alicia Keys Gives Birth To A Baby Boy Named Genesis

Alicia Keys and husband Swizz Beatz announced the birth of their second son Genesis Ali Dean.

Genesis, who was born early Saturday morning, is the baby brother of Egypt Daoud, 4. Beatz is also the father of Nicole, Prince Nasir and Kasseem from previous relationships.

Congrats Girl! via usatoday.

PD This, PD That; Being A Cop Showed Me Just How Racist And Violent The Police Are. There’s Only One Fix ..........

From Wpost; As a kid, I got used to being stopped by the police. I grew up in an inner-ring suburb of St. Louis. It was the kind of place where officers routinely roughed up my friends and family for no good reason.
Ihated the way cops treated me.

But I knew police weren’t all bad. One of my father’s closest friends was a cop. He became a mentor to me and encouraged me to join the force. He told me that I could use the police’s power and resources to help my community.

So in 1994, I joined the St. Louis Police Department. I quickly realized how naive I’d been. I was floored by the dysfunctional culture I encountered.
I won’t say all, but many of my peers were deeply racist..............................

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