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Baby Food Maker Cow & Gate Recalls Formula Over Insects Discovery

A baby food maker has issued a product recall after complaints that insects were found in some of its muesli. Cow & Gate has recalled a batch of its Sunny Start My First Banana Muesli from 10 months on a "precautionary basis", a statement on the Food Standards Agency (FSA) website said. The company has apologised and warned parents not to give their children the food which has a "best before" date of September 27 2016. A statement on the FSA website read: "This product is not suitable for consumption because the presence of foreign bodies such as insect. "Cow & Gate has recalled the affected batch, notified its customers and displayed point-of-sale recall notices in stores." One customer, Alex Bianco, wrote on Twitter: " Just opened a bag of @cowandgate muesli and found a spiders web. Took it back to Tesco and they found a maggot in it."  On its Twitter page, Cow & Gate said it had received a "small number of complaints&qu…

As President Buhari Continue to Condone Corruption; How APC Ignored EFCC’s Advice Not To Field Audu As Kogi Guber Candidate - Premium Times

Documents obtained by PREMIUM TIMES have shown how the chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Ibrahim Lamorde, wrote to the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Babachir Lawal, seeking the disqualification of the  gubernatorial candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Abubakar Audu, from contesting the forthcoming governorship election in  the state. Mr. Audu won the primary election of the APC on August 30 amidst calls by some Nigerians that fielding him as candidate was a negation of the ruling party’s anti-graft war. In a letter dated September 21, 2015, with reference number EFCC/EC/SGF/03/59, and titled “F.R.N Vs Abubakar Audu & 1 other Charge No: FCT/CR/115/ 2013”, the EFCC chairman wrote to the secretary to the government of the federation reminding him that Mr. Audu was standing trial for corruption. “The candidate was arraigned by the Commission for abuse of office, theft of public funds and money laundering during his tenure as Executive …

A MUST READ! Science Finally Reveals Just Why Hotel Sex Is Better Than Regular Sex In Your Bedroom

Yes, science has always been with us in every department of our lives, leading up to the bedroom. Starting from when we have sex, to how often couples have sex, the average and what's suppose to be normal. According to a New York based neurologist, Dr Harry Fisch, most couples have sex at an average of twice a week and orgasms within the first two minuets of starting penetrative sex {is that true?}, which is never enough for an average woman, according to Mail Online. To be honest, it is a well known fact that most couples lose their sexual libido after being together for sometime. But have you thought of doing some of those things you did while you were single to try to revive your sex live?  Even when we all know that having sex with our partner outside of your usual home {bedroom} in places such as hotel, tends to make everything look different and more yummy. Hotel sex makes every other kind of sex look and feel like crap, according to a recent scientific findings. Ian Kerne…

Russian Passenger Plane With 224 Onboard Crashes Over Sinai, Killing All

A Russian airliner has crashed in the Egypt's Sinai penunsula, killing all 224 people on board. The plane took off  from the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh and was heading to Russia's St Petersburg. According to Russian sources, it looks like the crash has something to do with technical issues, reports. The plane was carrying 212 passengers and 7 crew members. 17 of the passengers are children. Airbus A321 left Sharm-El-Sheikh for St. Petersburg with flight number 7K9268. It belongs to airline Metrojet and was 18.5 years old and was descending with about 6000 feet per minute just before signal was lost. The captain told ATC after departure of a technical fault and requested a route change.  Egyptian recovery team is now at the site of the crash, while a team of Russian aviation experts are said to be on there way. May the souls of the faithful's departed rest in peace, Amen!

Semi-Nude Photos Of Rihanna From Her NewB**ch Video Leaked Online

These are suppose to be deleted scenes from Rihanna's recent "B*tch Better Have My Money" video, how they appeared online is a total  mystery. These images were leaked online Thursday showing Rihanna topless. See Moe Photos Below;.......... Kudos to LIB

Seven Cabinet Members To Watch In Buhari's Team - BBC

Nigerians finally know the names of those who will form President Muhammadu Buhari's cabinet, after the senate approved the list of 36 nominees, five months after the president took office.

Mr Buhari, who was elected in March partly on a promise to tackle corruption and insecurity, vowed to select competent and clean individuals.
But when the much-anticipated list was released, many were disappointed, asking whether the wait had been worth it, and whether those selected were the best in the country.

Some say the list is full of old and recycled politicians who have been part of Nigeria's problems.
The youths who worked tirelessly during his campaign have also been disappointed because the average age in the cabinet is 52. Some women's groups have also voiced their anger that there are just six females on the list.

The 36 names approved by MPs - but yet to be given portfolios - include five former governors, nine lawyers, four former senators, three academics, two medical docto…

Russia Warns Of ' A Proxy War' As US Prepares To Deploy Ground Troops In Syria

Russia says there is a risk of a "proxy war" developing in Syria after the US disclosed plans to deploy ground troops to the country to help in the fight against the Islamic State (Isis) militant group. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the decision made co-operation between the US and Russian armed forces of critical importance. Washington said it would deploy less than 50 special force troops to northern Syria to advice and assist moderate rebel groups in their fight against Isis. It came as the five major foreign players in the conflict – the US, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Turkey – met in Vienna and agreed to push for a ceasefire and new elections. Read Full News Article Here

Lesbian Couple Looking For A Black Sperm Donor On Facebook, Here Is Their Long List Of Requirements To Qualify You!

Ashleigh Habgood AndAlley Williamshave been best friends since they were 15 and were finally married last year. The Auckland, New Zealand, newlyweds are exactly where they want to be — except they don’t have the baby they so desperately want and there is a major shortage of sperm donors in New Zealand. The couple took to Facebook on Oct. 24 to post an “advertisement” for a sperm donor, reports.
See their requirement list: THIS IS NOT A HACK: So... Alley and I have been tossing up whether to put this on Facebook and there will be many (including a part of myself) who cringe at this but hey... we advertise on FB for everything else so why not a sperm donor. Thats right. We need sperm! Some of you may have noticed that we are a same sex couple, (though I have occasionally been been called "Sir" in public) and therefore we lack a vital ingredient for baby making. But why do we need to do this, you may ask… Aren’t there organisations for this kind of thing??
Well, yeah …

Warning, For 18s And Over Please {Photo} South African Women Protest Against Sexualized Painting Of President Jacob Zuma

Female supporters of South African President Jacob Zuma on Friday marched through the capital Pretoria to defend him against attacks including a satirical painting depicting him engaged in a sex act. Several hundred members of African National Congress Women’s League (ANCWL) rallied outside the Union Buildings, the official seat of the government, where huge student protests were held last week.
The emergence of a nationwide student protest movement has shaken Zuma’s government amid dire economic data, high unemployment and growing mistrust of the ANC two decades after the end of apartheid. The ANC Women’s League held its march to demonstrate its loyalty to Zuma, 73, who was recently depicted in the graphic painting by a local artist Ayanda Mabulu. “The painting denigrates the president, not just him, but women as well, given how a woman is portrayed,” Toko Xasa, ANCWL spokeswoman, told AFP. “We can’t allow that to happen.” An ANCWL statement before the march attacked “the portrayal of …

Governor Obiano Calls On The Federal Government To Rescue Onitsha-Enugu Motorway From Erosion

Anambra State Governor Willie Obiano has called on the federal government to save the Onitsha-Enugu motorway from caving into gully erosion that has affected parts of the newly constructed flyover along New Parts market, Nkpor, Idemili North council area.  The Governor made the call, yesterday, October 29, while inspecting the havoc being wreaked by the erosion on the road. He disclosed that he has contacted the President after inspecting the site recently, mandated IDC construction firm to mobilize to site and start palliative work, to save the road.
He stated that the federal government owes the state an outstanding twenty-five billion naira spent on the reconstruction of federal roads in the state, a reason why it must get permission from the federal government before embarking on palliative work on the site.
The Governor made it clear that the state alone cannot undertake the erosion project which will run into billions of naira, and advised the citizenry to bear with the state while…

Woman Seeks Advice Online After Boyfriend Won’t Stop Eating Her Poo?

You would have heard of loads of crazy sexual fetishes, but I’m sure you have not heard about this one. A Reddit user recently opened a thread on the site looking for some relationship advice, and it’s really  weird. While she starts the story of by proclaiming how great her boyfriend is, it gets shitty pretty quickly, I mean shitty, viralthread reports.
He sounds like a right catch at the start “Up until a few months ago, my boyfriend and I had an awesome relationship. In fact it was perfect from my viewpoint. We share lots of interests, from simple ones like watching movies to loving to go out dancing at clubs. We also have great chemistry. We started out the relationship having sex probably twice a day for the first few weeks. It leveled off a little bit to about 3-4 times per week by the one year mark in our relationship. We are pretty outgoing in the bedroom and have tried toys, role playing, etc.”
But surely there is a stumbling block? There’s always a catch “I’m not sure how this e…

'Buhari’s Likely AGF Has High-Caliber Fraud Suspects, Accused Terror Mastermind'

James Ocholi, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria reliably described as one of President Muhammadu Buhari’s top picks for appointment as Nigeria’s Attorney General and Minister of Justice, represents several controversial clients including an Indian accused of defrauding several Nigerian banks of billions of naira, a former Managing Director of Finbank, Okey Nwosu, who is undergoing prosecution for questionable financial transactions, and a university professor from Kogi State currently facing trial over his suspected links with an Islamist terrorist group whose attacks have claimed thousands of Nigerian lives and led to billions of naira in damages.
One source within the Presidency told SaharaReporters that President Buhari was receiving “very bad advice” from some of the associates he trusts most when it comes to appointments. “If he chooses Ocholi as the AGF, then his action would be at variance with what he has always said he stands for,” said one source. “He has said he has zero toleranc…

Pay Back Time; PDP To Drop Support For Saraki Over Amaechi's Ministerial Confirmation As Court Of Appeal Upheld CC Tribunal Trial

Wow! Is this how sweet revenge is? Barely 24 hours after the Peoples Democratic Party walked out on the senate chambers, haven warned the Senate President Dr Bukola Saraki, that if he goes ahead to confirm former Rivers State governor Rotimi Amaechi as a minister designate, the party would be forced to hands-off their support for his positions as Senate President which his political enemies within his own party wants off him. Now the tide seems to have turned. Where will Sarakis support now come from, as Tinubu continue to call for his head?
Today, Justice Moore Adumen of the Court of Appeal upheld the trial of Senate President, Bukola Saraki at the Code of Conduct Tribunal. Adumen, reading the unanimous verdict of the three man panel, said the tribunal, which docked the Senate President on 22 September and 21 October was properly constituted.
He said the tribunal led by Danladi Umar could sit with the chairman and one other member. He relied on section 28 of the Interpretation Act to r…

Mmmm, Sharia Law And Saudi Arabia; Saudi Arabia Arrests Man For Being Very Good-Looking!

Saudi Arabia seems to be very notorious with a lot of awkward things, most especially being extremely religious and strict with the practice of Sharia on the commoners while their Royals, Princes and Princesses can go about doing what ever they like. A few days ago we brought you the news here About The Arrest Of A Saudi Prince After Two Tonnes Of Amphetamines {Drugs} Were Found On His Private Jet . Look, you will be deceiving yourselves if you think the Prince would be sentences to death like is the practice in which thousands of ordinary people have been killed.
Today, the news is different! A Saudi TV star has been arrested for taking selfies with adoring fans in a shopping mall. Heartthrob Abdul Aziz al-Kassar was on a working visit to Ridyah when he was mobbed by women – and the religious police weren’t too happy. After all, no man wants their wife looking at a fine specimen of TV-hunkery in the flesh.
A video shows Kassar being grabbed by a man in white robes who drags him away…

Biafra, Oodua And The Seventh Lesson By Reuben Abati

Democracy does not necessarily translate into the disappearance of crises and dilemmas, (even trilemmas, quadrilemmas or more) in a country, either developed, developing or perhaps evolutionary. Built into the fabric of the right to choose is also the right to make mistakes and so, across Africa at this moment, in Nigeria, Tanzania, Cote d’Ivoire, Burundi, Guinea Conakry, Rwanda, the lessons are being driven home, as elections are being held or have been held or will be held, that even as democracy spreads within the continent, the tension between stabilization and consolidation, trade offs and efficiency, pessimism and optimism, ethnocentrism and nationalism, remains a major concern. Whatever the challenges may be however, both local and international authorities have a duty to ensure that the people learn from their mistakes, build on those mistakes positively, and prevent a relapse to either militarism or militarized democracy disguised either as benevolent democracy or charismati…

''Ignore Biafra Agitation, It Is Another 419 Cum Drug Dealing Business To Make Money Off Nigeria - Obasanjo

The maverick former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo is of the thinking that the clamour and brain behind the Pro-Biafra activism is  money making arousal, 419 to be précised . Obasanjo said yesterday Wednesday, October 29th, that Biafra ceased to exist after the civil war, hence, the present day Biafra groups should be ignored and not be taking seriously. OBJ said this in an exclusive interview with, at his Abeokuta mansion. In his words;..“This is a fake agitation. You people make a mountain out of a molehill. These are boys who want to take people unaware and get money out of them in the name of Biafra. These are the people you should ignore, I don’t talk about Biafra. (Philip) Effiong came and said Biafra ceased to exist and since that day, Biafra has ceased to exist.” “We absorbed those we should absorb both into the civil service and into the military. Even those we didn’t absorb, who we initially regarded as being retired without benefits, later on we even gave th…

It’s My Destiny To Cheat In Relationships, Help Me!

I have a problem: I’m a repeat cheater. Like it is my destiny in life to cheat on every boyfriend I’ve ever had. Even guys I am just casually seeing, I cheat on them with other guys I’m casually seeing. I’ve been with my current boyfriend for about three years. I thought he was the love of my life, the man I’d be with forever. I liked him so much before we dated, so when we finally “made it official,” I was incredibly happy. I was determined to not cheat on this one. And I didn’t. Fast-forward to this past summer. I started working at a restaurant to make some money before I started law school, and I met the most amazing guy — smart, had a full-time grown-up office job, funny, made me laugh, and made me feel smart and funny. We went out for drinks a few times, with other people from work and alone, and something just clicked. What was so special about this guy that made me want to cheat on my boyfriend? I encountered attractive men in all my jobs and internships and at school, but no…

Dr Sebi: Man Found “Cures For All Diseases” AND Has The USA Supreme Court Ruling To Prove It

With awful diseases like cancer still ravaging families all over the world, you’d be surprised to hear about a man who claimed to have cured all known diseases way back in the 1980s. Dr. Sebi was an ambassador for self-healing, and claimed to be able to cure the worst diseases in the world. An immigrant from Honduras to the U.S., Dr Sebi was a healer, pathologist, herbalist, biochemist and naturalist – but was eventually taken to court for false advertising.

Taking on the the Attorney General of New York, Dr. Sebi was asked to bring witnesses for every disease he claimed to cure. Sebi staggeringly brought 77 witnesses to court and was deemed not guilty. By default then, it was proved that he cured all diseases mentioned in the press.

With major celebrities such as Michael Jackson, John Travolta and Eddie Murphy on his client list, it’s clear that Sebi had a substantial following. It is hard to believe that his brand of healing had any real impact, but with a United States Supreme Co…

Sarcasm Makes You More Creative And Healthier, Says Harvard & Columbian Business Schools

Sarcasm is often labelled (wrongly in my view) as the ‘lowest form of wit’ So with so many people hating on sarcasm, how has the lowest form of wit managed to get academics talking? Well Harvard Business School, Columbia Business School and Insead (“the Business School for the World”) have produced a paper with the modest title, The Highest Form of Intelligence: Sarcasm Increases Creativity for Both Expressers and Recipients. Sarcasm is apparently healthy because making and understanding sarcastic comments forces the brain to switch to abstract thinking, which boosts creativity. While Oscar Wilde wasn’t a fan, this new research points to sarcasm as a higher form of thought. Would the same people who condemn sarcasm also condemn the comedy stylings of Fawlty Towers, Blackadder or even The Thick Of It? I highly doubt it. People’s issue with sarcasm stems from their inability to grasp it. “The verbal dexterity and imagination required to craft it – and for an audience to “get it” – is i…