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Inferno Rips Through Dubai Skyscraper Hotel As The Country Celebrates The Birth Of 2016

Dramatic footage has emerged showing the blaze take hold of the building. The Dubai Media Office confirmed there were 14 people injured.
The towering inferno appears to have ripped through the majority of the hotel. It was not immediately clear what caused the fire, which ran up at least 20 stories of the building near the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest skyscraper. Burning debris rained down from the building as firetrucks raced to the scene.

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Our New Year Message To All Our Readers, Nigerians All Around The World

We have been making waves on this platform going to two and half years now and to be honest, you guys have been the driving force behind what we do here. And I will be the most  ingrate if I fail to acknowledge the joy and excitement you bring to us by visiting our blog, reading our posts and dropping your comments. We wish to say, thank you! 
It is customary that a large proportion of the general public incline towards making some New Year Resolutions at the end of each calendar year, mostly to change their bad habits and continue to strengthen their successful habits. However, we all know that making and keeping a New Year’s resolution can be one of the hardest things to do. A great number of people resolve to get more fit, eat better, land that new job/position or bring up in more pay. Others promise to be more beneficent while some resolve to live a better life. I wish you 'all the best' in whatever way you may have chosen to better and strengthen your lives.
In this spirit,…

The Shi’a Islamic Movement Of Nigeria Has Dragged Federal Government To The International Criminal Court

The Shi’a Islamic Movement of Nigeria will seek redress for the murder of their members by the men of the Nigerian Army at the International Criminal Court of Justice. Yakubu Yahaya, a leader of the Shi’a Islamic movement of Nigeria has said that the movement has assembled a team of prominent local and international lawyers to bring up charges against the Nigerian government. 
At a a press conference, Wednesday in Katsina, Yakubu Yahaya a leader of the Shi’a Islamic movement of Nigeria, said it will not watch their oppressors get away without a fair trial, said that God is the ultimate judge. He said;
“This world is too small now and therefore no matter the level of atrocities committed against a people with time it will catch up with you. We live everything to God and Insha Allah he will judge against those who oppressed us” he added.
The Shi’a Islamic movement leader also dismissed the claims by the Nigerian Army which was reechoed by Governor Elrufai of Kaduna state, that the group wa…

Abia Guber Election: Appeal Court Declares Alex Otti Of APGA Winner

An Appeal Court has declared the candidate of the All Progressive Grand Alliance, Mr Alex Otti, as winner of the Abia State Governorship election. The court in its ruling on Thursday ordered the swearing in of Mr Otti, as governor of Abia State and asked Mr Okezie Ikpeazu to vacate the office.
Mr Ikpeazu of the Peoples Democratic Party was declared winner of the election held in April by the Independent National Electoral Commission. Channel tv

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un Shows The Other Side Of Him {Real Or Gimmick}, Cries At Funeral Of His Trusted Aide.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un showed a form of emotion that we could not deduce to be real or inline with national crying gimmick at important funerals. Mr Kim Jong-Un was seen openly crying at the funeral of his most trusted aide. He touched the face of his late comrade and confidant during his state funeral today, describing him as a 'close comrade-in-arms whom nobody can replace'.
Mr Kim Yang-Gon, who was a secretary of the ruling Workers' Party, died in a car accident Tuesday Dec. 29th,  aged 73. Even though Mr Kim Jong-Un could not hold back his emotions, it could still be a part of the country's norm in which citizens must cry at the burial of an important politician.  You would recall Reuters publication in 2011,  following the period of mourning for his late father Kim Jong-Il,  North Korean authorities reportedly punished citizens who did not display enough sadness at his death.
That is according to the Daily NK, an online newspaper based in South Korea, which …

End Of Year Odd News; Man 'Dies' After Downing Vodka With Pals Then Wakes Up In Morgue And Returns To Party

A man who 'died' after downing shots of vodka with friends was taken to the morgue before waking up in a freezer, reports claim. He had his "miraculous awakening" after partying too hard with pals, who then called an ambulance to the property in Khasanky, in Russia's far east.
When medics arrived, they declared the man dead and took him to the morgue. Speaking to the local newspaper Khasanskiye Vesti, police spokesman Aleksey Stoyev said: "That night the local morgue was filled to its capacity, the bodies were not only on the shelves, but also on the floor of the freezer room, where our ‘dead’ hero was allocated."
He woke up in the freezer, before stumbling his way out of it towards shocked staff. He added: "At some point, the man woke up, failing to understand where he was. "It was very dark and cold. "In addition his brain was foggy due to the influence of alcohol. "In the darkness, he felt someone’s completely cold limbs and in fear…

Nigerians Took To Twitter To Express Their Feelings About President Buhari's First Media Chat

Nigerians home and abroad took to twitter to give their reactions about the performance of President Buhari on his first media chat yesterday. Even though there were mixed-feelings and expressions, largely the reactions could be a pass mark, but for some gaffs here and there and the issue of court orders on some very important national issues. A few Ghanaians also joined in the chat. Here are some of their reactions;..........