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ISIS Continues Their Barbaric Propaganda, Shows Video Where A French-Speaking Militant Executed Men Accused Of Spying For USA

ISIS yesterday released a video in which a French-speaking militant was seen executing five men accused of being US spies. According to AFP, the militant also reportedly threatened attacks against Western countries.
The video, which was posted on several jihadi websites, shows young men admitting to have acted against ISIS militants before being shot dead. The video was produced by the ISIS media office in Iraq’s Nineveh province and was reportedly made after the Paris attack.
In the eight-minute video, the French-speaking militant, who is seen wearing a beige mask and carrying a handgun, brands the U.S.-led coalition fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq “imbecile miscreants” and warns that the efforts by Western nations will fail to destroy the group.
The militant also vowed that ISIS will conduct more deadly attacks against the West. Among the Western nations, the militant made a reference to Spain, saying that the country will “pay dearly” for having crushed Muslim rule in ancient Andalusi…

Religion And Politics! APC Issues A Statement, Condemns Mbaka’s Transfer By Enugu Catholic Diocese

The spokesperson of the All Progressive Congress APC South-East zone, Osita Okechukwu today issued a statement condemning the transfer of the now maverick and popular Enugu cleric, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka from Christ the King Parish in the Government Reserved Area of Enugu state capital, where he has been for the last 20 years to Our Lady Parish in Emene, a suburb of the state.
The statement the party released today January 31st, read as follows;... “It was wrong to punish the fearless priest for his prophecies which has proved to be from God. Whereas we accept that the transfer of priests is a routine exercise of the great Catholic Church, however we do not wholly accept a situation where the church allows external forces to influence transfer as the Mbaka’s case suggests. Otherwise, future liberation clergy who speak truth to power will be hamstrung to the detriment of the society. 
Our major concern is the security implications and the fate of his flocks who are mostly the downtrodden wh…

This Is It, As Blac Chyna Was Cuffed And Taken Away By Cops At Austin International Airport

According to TMZ, here is the pictures as  Chyna was being cuffed and taken away by cops at Austin International Airport.  She was booked for public intoxication and possession of drugs, after allegedly getting drunk and belligerent, boarding a connecting flight to London and calling a flight attendant a "nasty ass bitch.
An eyewitness said she was crying as cops took her away. ROb Kardashian we learnt  got into his Bentley minutes after the arrest and drove 19 hours to pick her up in Texas.

Militants Hijack Ship, Threaten To Blow It Up If Nnamdi Kanu Is Not Released

A group of ex-militants in support of the agitation by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has claimed responsibility for the hijack of a ship on Friday along the Bakassi Pennisula Nigeria coastal line
The group, which recently gave the Federal Government a 31-day ultimatum to release Nnamdi Kanu, the IPOB leader and Director of Radio Biafra, said the concerned Niger Delta agitators were abreast with the incarceration of Kanu. Spokesperson of the group, who gave his name as General Ben, threatened that they would blow up the vessel with the expatriates onboard, if the government continues to dilly-dally over Kanu’s release.
Speaking in Port Harcourt yesterday, the group’s spokesperson declared that they would not wait till the end of the ultimatum, before showing their seriousness. Ben stated: “We cannot wait till the end of the 31 days to tell the Federal Government that we are serious. The vessel and the crew are under custody.
“And any noise, any delay from government, we will blow…

Porn Site Offers Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna Contract To Shoot A Video For The Company's Celebrity Sex Tape Division

According to TMZ, Larry Flynt, the owner of Hustler Huncho, a popular porn site in the United States has sent out a contractual offer letter to Rob and Black Chyna asking them to consider shooting a video for the company's celebrity sex tape division.
In the letter Flynt says Hustler is looking to be a major player in celebrity porn and thinks that the popular appeal and fan base of both celebrities will give it that break through. He also promised that the sex tape will benefit all involved as both Rob and Black Chyna could be looking at earnings of a million dollars or more.  Here is the letter;

John Mikel Obi Is A Legend At Chelsea, Do You Agree? See Reasons!

Despite all the turmoil at Chelsea, one thing has remained a perfect constant throughout is John Obi Mikel.  The Nigerian midfielder has been there throughout all their recent managers and is now enjoying a renaissance under Guus Hiddink.Mikel has been restored to the team since Hiddink and at a time when many Blues fans have fallen out with the majority of the squad, he remains a beaming light of professionalism, reports.
Any idea what makes Mikel Obi tick? According to Metro UK, the following are the real reasons why Mikel Obi is a legend at Chelsea; He’s loyal, He actually has unreal tekkers, He never complains, He’s pass completion record is insane, He’s won loads, He chose Chelsea over Man United

Boko Haram Unleashes Hell On Dalori Community In Maiduguri, Borno State, Kill Over 100

According to, at least 100 people were reportedly killed during an attack by Boko Haram members on Dalori, a settlement located on the outskirt of Maiduguri, the Borno state capital yesterday.
The sect members dressed in military uniforms, stormed the village in 10 Hilux buses and motorcycles  and started shooting sporadically and setting houses ablaze.The villagers who spoke with Sahara reporters say the sect members operated unhindered for hours and stole some food items after the attack.
A resident of the village,  Ibrahim Muhammad, while narrating what happened, said that Boko Haram fighters dressed like military personnel and started opening fire on everybody:  "All our wives and children were brutally killed while they looted and destroyed our livestock  as well." Vice Chairmn of civilians JTF in Dalori village Modu Kaka said that at least 100 dead bodies were evacuated last night and hundreds are still missing.
Rescue workers who participated in the ev…

'Black People Are More Likely To Be In Jail Than In Uni - British PM David Cameron, As He Unveils Plans To Up The Proportion Of Ethnic Minority Applicants In Top Unis

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron has made clear his government's intention to see more ethnic minorities attend British top Universities. The Prime Minister said this Wednesday during the Prime Minister's question at the House of Common. He said, ''Universities will be forced by law to disclose what proportion of ethnic minority applicants get places, David Cameron has announced as part of a concerted Government anti-discrimination drive.The Prime Minister said the transparency rules should prompt institutions such as Oxford to work harder to broaden their intake and warned the police, the courts and the armed forces they also had to act.
Education chiefs have been summoned to Downing Street on Monday for talks with Business Secretary Sajid Javid to discuss why young black men are more likely to be in prison than studying at a top university. It comes as Mr Cameron has hired a leading black Labour MP to investigate whether the police and court system is raciall…

This Is Punishment! Am Going To Suffer, That's The Aim Of Those Who Engineered My Transfer - Father Mbaka

According toTheSun, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, yesterday Jan. 30th moved out of Christ the King Parish, GRA, Enugu, where he has been working as parish priest for more than 20 years now. On his way to his new presiding parish, Our lady Parish, Emene, in Enugu, over 30 lorries accom­panied by thousands of his faithful followers escorted him in a motorcade to a new church where he will be an assistant parish priest.
The transfer of reverend fathers is not an issue in the catholic church as it is a routine exercise that is done every once in a while but Fr. Mbaka’s transfer became an issue because the people saw it as a measure for his recent prophecies especially that of Decem­ber 31st 2014, when he predicted that former President Goodluck Jonathan would be defeated in the 2015 elections. This has however been dismissed by the church.
His transfer as a parish priest to a resident priest, in which  he will serve under another priest, has also caused a stir among people because he has been with …

Photos Of What The Red Carpet Looked Like At The Screen Actors Guild Awards 2016

Yesterday was the 22nd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. The SAG Awards are the only ceremony where actors vote for the year's best performances in movies and television. Idris Elba and Helen Mirren lead the pack with three nominations apiece, while Oscar nominees Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Winslet were all on hand to celebrate the the night packed full of winners

Things You Need To Know About The Deadly Zika Virus Infection

The mosquito-borne Zika virus has become a global emergency and a subject of global concern, even as the World Health Organization has projected that up to 4 million people may be affected in the ongoing outbreak, reports. As of today, cases of the viral infection have been reported in 23 countries across the Central and South America. In fact, latest statistics revealed that 36 people in the United States, including 4 pregnant women have been diagnosed with Zika virus infection. Highlighted below are answers to some of the questions you may want to ask about the Zika virus:
1. What is Zika Virus? It is a mosquito-borne virus first identified in 1947 among Rhesus monkeys in Uganda. About five years later, Zikavirus was identified in humans in Uganda and Tanzania. Since then, outbreaks of the virus have been recorded in the Americas, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. This virus belongs to the flavivirus genre where Yellow Fever and Dengue also belong.
2. How is Zika Virus…

Ben Murray-Bruce Takes A Tweet Look At Why It Should Cost More To Run Aso Rock Than It Does To Run No 10 Downing Street London

Ben Murray-Bruce takes a tweet look at Buhari's 2016 budget and it's luxuries for Aso Rock, the irony of No10 Downing Street and where the Nigerian poor masses belong in all these!

Meet Man Who Bought Google's Domain For $12 And Google Have To Pay $6,006.13 When They Realized Their Error To Have It Back

Last year this guy landed himself the bargain of the year – he bought for $12. Sanmay Ved snapped up Google’s own domain for a couple of bucks when he saw it come available for purchase on Google Domains, and now they’ve revealed how much money they had to fork out to get it back, virathread reports. Sanmay was the happy owner of the multinational organisation for a grand total of 60 seconds, before the company realised that they’d made a mistake and quickly cancelled the purchase.
After realising their mistake, the internet giant offered the lucky chap an undisclosed fee. A fee that remained undisclosed until now… Writing in aLinkedIn post, Sanmay said:
“Google Security has now contacted me, and has offered me a $x reward in a very Googley way. I have opted to donate the money to charity (Google has therefore doubled the reward amount). Per my request, they will now donate the reward amount to the Art of Living India foundation. I have chosen that the donation be made towards t…

Are You Feeling Inadequate? Have You Tried New Pneuma Penis Implant?

According to, a new procedure called penis implant is out for those of you who feel they are not doing their job well enough. But you would have to start from large! Speaking to GQ, the creator of the Pneuma implant somewhat stated the obvious when he revealed that they only offer enlargements from a large upwards. James Elist, M.D. said: “Nobody wants a small. So we don’t have a small, we don’t have a medium. We start from large.”
The Pneuma implant apparently works by inserting a silicone sheath directly into the penis (ouch), leaving enough room for blood flow to continue. This will set you back to the tune of $13,000 (which is roughly £9,000 for you Brits). Not cheap, but then instant results never are
The results from the surgery are immediate and patients are capable of heading home straight away,, reports. Of course there is a major drawback… sex is not permitted for four months while the sheath settles into place inside the penis. Viralthread