Kim Kardashian In Car Crash In Beverly Hills!

Kim was involved in a car crash near the Beverly Hills Hotel, Hollywood according to a report by TMZ on Tuesday morning.
Kim, in shock
The 33 year-old was reportedly driving down Sunset Boulevard in her Mercedes G Wagon and is said to have been involved in a crash at an intersection, the website claims. Kardashian was said to be turning left, while anther driver was travelling in the opposite direction with his right signal on, an eyewitness claims.

It's believed that the driver failed to make the right turn and instead carried on straight, colliding with Kim's vehicle. The report claims both cars sustained damage, though no one is believed to have been hurt. Kim and the other parry drove their vehicles to the Beverly Hills Hotel where they reportedly swapped information.
It's unknown whether Kim's daughter North was in the car with her at the time of the accident, or whether she was carrying any passengers, but with none specificed on the report, it's likely she was was alone the report said.