A MUST READ! How I Was Almost Lynched At Ring Road, Benin.

This is a true life personal experience and a great testimony.

If not for the grace of God, i don't know where i would have been by now, maybe heaven or hell grin

On this very day, i went to the Immigration office at Ramat park area, Ikpoba Hill Benin to pick up my passport. The thought of travelling out of the country for the first time was overwhelming. A colleague of mine before i left to pick up the passport gave me 13k to help him pay into the bank. 

Because of the enthusiasm within me, i wanted to collect the passport first, then pay the money into the bank on my way back. To show that God is in deed meciful and my mama prayer no dey go in vein grin a spirit just told me why not pay in the money first since you will pass through the bank. My brothers and sisters, i heeded to my instinct, and that saved my life as you will soon find out.

Getting to the Immigration with all the stress and waiting, i finally got my passport o and i was ecstatic! Na first time na grin. On my way back, i boarded a bus to ring road. i couldn't take my hands off the the passport as i was looking at it left, right and centre. I observed that a more advanced lady sitting close to me was just looking at the passport i was holding and smiling. For my mind i say watin dey worry this one, , she never see who hold passport before? cool

Immediately i alighted from the bus, and was walking to board another one, i heard someone calling Bros! Bros! Bros!. i turned and the lady came to me and said ''Bros, na u sit down near me just now, my 13k dey miss from my pocket'' Mogbe, for ring road of all places embarrassed. i just calmly asked her, did you see me branch anywhere else, she said no, and i told her i'm ready to be searched and i don't have your money. At this time, people were already gathering ooo and she was beginning to raise her voice! cry see embarrassment of the century! I was still pleading my innocence when i saw a Civil Defence Officer and i beckoned on him to please come to my aid. 

The man called us and was asking us what the problem is all about. I explained all i knew and the lady did same, insisting i took her money from her pocket cry, See a whole me with a good job, sad just because i take public transport!

The security guy then asked the lady, ''you sure say this well dressed young boy take your money?'' she said yes! just then, the agberos around were already waiting to pounce on me! probably to burn me alive. my mind quickly went to Allu 4 at Uniport cry. Then the security man told the lady that if she should search me, and they don't find the money, she will be seriously dealt with and if its found on me, i will go in for it! What if i didn't pay in that 13k? would they have allowed me to explain anything?

Just then, the lady started stuttering that it should not be like that, blah blah blah. The officer became angry with her that she just put my life on the line by accusing me falsely. The market women that have already gathered also started causing the lady, telling her that she wanted to cause the death of an innocent young man! The officer just told me to make sure i thank God enough because i would have just been lynched to death embarrassed. i was too dumbfounded to even utter any word. I just looked up and said thank you Jesus and walked away. I felt like calling for her arrest there and pressing for charges bothering on false accusation, but the fact that i just escaped death didn't even make me talk.

1. Always say your prayers before leaving the house. You might know where you are driving to, but you don't know who is driving towards you.
2. Please my fellow nairalanders, always DRESS PROPERLY. My mode of dressing probably gave me some respect. If i was sagging or carrying one dirty hair style, anything could have happened before you say Lalastic....
3. Don't move around with too much cash.

Thank you and God bless.