OMG! 13 yo Accidentally Shot Dead A 12 yo Girl Live On Facebook - Video!

Look, this can happen to anyone who takes kids for granted. Kids are kids and must be supervised at all times. To be honest, I personally would have been a victim of this mess years ago, in 1985 to be precise. 

This new found live-streaming of video seems to have turned into a health hazard than fun. There is no day that passes, you will not hear one tragedy resulting in live video screaming.

This very unfortunate incident happened in Argentina. Some teenagers were playing with a shotgun when one of them accidentally shot Georgina Magalí Vega, 12, an only daughter, killing her instantly. It happened on Santa Rosa de Calchines - Santa Fe, a small town of about 9.300 inhabitants. 

At the start of the video, voices can be heard speaking in a foreign language - maybe Spanish. Georgina stood behind a chair while the boy with the gun sat in a chair, facing her.

"You kill me and I kill you." Georgina said in Spanish at the start of the morbid game.  The boy with the gun replied: "Look this! A shell...I load it... And I shoot you but you don't die!" 

Georgina replied: "Do you see blood or something?" (Kidding) The boy then fires the shotgun and there's a look of shock and pain on the girl's face as she falls to the ground. Panicked screams can be heard as voices in the background cried, calling "Georgi"

One other female voice can be heard screaming: "Man what have you done!?" Then a male voice said: "Her parents are going to kill us!"
"I'm leaving..." the killer was heard saying in panic while they all cried but the other boy tried to stop Lucas from leaving. "Stop Lucas come here," the other boy said.
Watch the video here below.