You See What Buhari's Government Is Giving Our Pupils As The Promised Free School Meal?

Folks see for yourselves what Buhari's administration is doing in the name of the free school meal of the government's social investment plan, which is said to be costing around N500 billion. You would recall, Muhammadu Buhari's administration promised to provide a free meal for each child per day in the first year of its operation

Pupils of a primary school in Warri North, Delta State are pictured here above and below holding out the jollof rice wrapped in nylon given to them as part of the government's national home grown school feeding program.

According to a report by a popular online publisher, Sapele Oghenek, the food served to the pupils in most schools in the state are tasteless, horrible and are wrapped in nylon without spoons or forks, in place of takeaway packs.