Pope Francis' Representative Arrives Nigeria Over Ahiara Diocese Altercation!

Antonio Guido Filipazzi, the new Apostolic Nuncio to Nigeria, has arrived the country. Filipazzi, who was appointed by Pope Francis, is reportedly here to get the Diocese of Ahiara in Imo State to comply with the Pope's directives and accept Peter Ebere Okpaleke as their Bishop., lib reports.
Though the Ahiara Diocese crisis is a priority, it isn't his only reason for being here. He is the Pope's direct representative to Nigeria and, as such, he is like an ambassador here and is expected to be in the country a lot. While he is here, he is expected to make priests in the Ahiara Diocese, who refused to accept Peter Ebere Okpaleke as their Bishop due to tribal sentiments, to cooperate with the church.
The Ahiara Diocese crisis came about because a Bishop of Anambra State origin (Okpaleke) was posted to the Diocese of Ahiara in Imo State as their Bishop. This incensed the Catholic priests in Imo State who feel they have priests within the state capable of occupying that position. SInce Bishop Okpaleke was posted in 2012, he has met rejection from the priests and lay faithful who are originally from Imo State.