Prof. Jerry Gana Warns That If Nigeria Breaks, The North Should Bear In Mind, The Middle Belt Will Not Go With Them!

Professor Jerry Gana, a former Minister of Information and current National President of the Middle Belt Forum has warned northerners preaching division that if Nigeria breaks, the Middle Belt will not go with them.

Jerry Gana made the declaration on Sunday as he delivered a sermon at the St. Matthew’s Church, Maitama, Diocese of Abuja.

'They think when it comes to break-up, we will go along with the North. We have already told them that if they allow this country to break up, we are not going with the North. We are staying where we are. So, just take notice. If it comes to that, we will tell you that you are Arewa and we are ‘Middle-Belters.’

'We love Nigeria and it was changed to a federal system because of the minorities so that we can have a place. So, we love Nigeria but in the unlikely event that people want to go their way, the Arewa in the Sahel will go. But we will remain here in the Federal Republic of Nigeria