Donald Trump's Infamous Handshake Has Earned Him A Snubs, As Polish First Lady Overlooked His Gesture! - Video!

In a video that has now gone viral, Donald and his wife Melania were on stage with their Polish counterparts, Agata and her husband, President Andrzej Duda, in Warsaw as official photographs were being taken. When it was time to shake hands, Trump shook President Andrzej Duda's hand, then stretched his hand to Agata but she moved past him and went to Melania.

The snub was hard to miss. Agata eventually did shake hands with Trump but people can't seem to get over the initial snub. As expected Americans took to Twitter to joke about the gaffe. Some of the comments read;  
"Oh yes, that's amazing. Now he's going to nuke Poland though!!". "Look at that little boy pout," another user tweeted. "Best part is he realised it and looked abashed. Sad," And it continued.

This could be the result of the now know infamous Trump handshake.
                                                       Watch the video below.