U.S. Says It Will Not Interfere Between Biafra & Nigeria, But Will Not Tolerate Undemocratic Process And Human Right Abuse In Nigeria!

Following the recent press conference held in Washington DC on the 21st of July, The U.S Ambassador to Nigeria Ambassador W. Stuart Symington made it clear that Nigeria is on the verge of going into extinction. 

He pointed out the non-interference policies of the United States with Nigeria being a sovereign state matured enough to solve its problems. Amb. Stuart made it clear that President Trump has made it clear that Nigeria is a strong subscriber to democratic practices and has embraced Democracy which has progressed since 1999 up till this moment. America will ensure that every problems and challenges facing Nigeria must be handled Democratically, he stated that “The United States of America will not tolerate any iota of undemocratic practices most especially with the issues concerning Human Rights. 

America remains neutral as to what the Indigenous people and tribes in Nigeria want for their future which is entirely up to them, every individual or group have the right to demand a mandate that concerns their affairs in every democratic setting….  America will step in consequentially when issues arising from undemocratic practices and the abuse of Human right becomes the order of the day. This is a strong warning to Nigerian government and security forces from the United States of America.