Watch Video Of A Lady Hanging On Power Line As She Jumped From Window When Lover's Wife Came Home Earlier Than Expected!

A woman was filmed dangling from electric cables above street in China after her alleged lover's wife reportedly arrived home earlier than expected. In the distressing clip, shared online, the woman's limp body can be seen hanging from the power lines as a crowd forms in the street below her.

Several men step forward to help the 'mistress', who is wearing tiny red shorts and a matching crop top. A long ladder is shown being rested against the wall nearest the woman in a bid to bring her down. It is not clear how badly the woman was injured in the ordeal.

As she dangled, a crowd gathered in the street below her and took photos with their phones. 

Unverified sources say the woman fell or jumped out of a window after she and her lover were surprised by the return of his wife. Watch video here below.