WOW! Watch The Duke & Duchess Of Sussex! Arrive At Prince Charles' 70th Birthday Party!

Her Royal Highness Meghan Markle and Prince Harry today arrived for their first public engagement as a married couple. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex joined the Prince of Wales for a celebration of his 70th birthday in the gardens of Buckingham Palace, lib reports.

The garden party will see more than 6,000 people, all from the charities and military associations most closely linked with the Prince, descend on the grounds of Buckingham Palace for music, speeches, and, a customary cup of tea and cucumber sandwich.

Meghan will be addressed as Her Royal Highness – HRH – in public and people will be expected to curtsey to her and call her Ma'am.

Charles will actually turn 70 on November 14, but this is the first public celebration of the milestone. He is expected to have a private party for family and friends closer to his real birthday.

With Lib