My name is Frank Uche Dibia, I am the author & administrator of this blog. I address myself as an Economic Analyst, Political Adviser, Blogger and Social Commentator.

The Blog's Mission & Vision Statement.
We are here to inform, educate, entertain and enlighten our readers on most issues they wouldn't have known after-all. And our method is to apply the best standard in our publications/posts, hence the name ''OUCHFRANDIB POST.....!'' to make it easy for us to be identified as we welcome all forms of constructive criticisms. 
We are in this interactive model to lead the way and add our bits to this well known mode of interaction. 

Things must not continue to be done the old way, because we need and will apply the best practices to be in the league of Bloggers who are taken seriously. As our blog policy,we are and will continue to be transparent and investigative in our reporting and will do anything humanly possible to be FRANK! Our slogan is ''The Info You Crave''

We will go to lengths in search of all Sorts Of news from all around the globe. Anything Frank. The economics of life and service to humanity will always be our underlining propelling motivation going forward. As this blog is more or less a platform to seek to inform the underprivileged and those who wouldn't get the news after all.

We are here to make our own small history, one day we shall pass-away and life continues.

Thank You.