A driver was beaten up when a pack of bikers chased after him following a fender-bender in New York.
The man, believed to be in his 30s, was left needing treatment for cuts and bruises after one of the motorcyclists used his helmet to smash the driver’s window, while another punched him.
The drama leading up to the altercation during an annual bikers’ event in Manhattan on Sunday was all captured on a helmet-mounted camera.
During the six-minute film, which was uploaded to YouTube, it appears to show one biker braking in front of the black Range Rover before being bumped by the 4×4.

But as he draws near, the driver, apparently fearing for the safety of his wife and young child, hits several bikers as he speeds off.
As the motorcyclists begin to surround the vehicle one rider gets off his bike to have a go at the motorist.
Another attempt to confront the driver results in another biker being mown down on the highway.
A few moments later the motorist is then forced to stop at traffic lights and two bikers begin attacking the driver’s side windows.

A NYPD spokesman said, according to the driver, a large number of motorcyclists were driving ‘erratically’ and he ‘accidentally collided with one’.
Police are still investigating what happened and have not made any arrests.
He said he sped off ‘to avoid an impending assault’.

Sgt Pepper said: ‘I would do exactly the same thing. They’re intimidating him and he’s probably fearing for his life.’
The video led to several viewers supporting the motorist.
And Zacarra agreed the driver acted in ‘self defence’. The Metro reports.