Tanzania: Where Albino’s Complete Body Parts Sell For $75,000 & Sleeping With An Albino Gets Rid Of HIV!

Regarded as the ‘tribe of ghosts’ or ‘the invisible’, albinos have suffered appalling treatment at the hands of their own people who butcher them for their body parts in the disturbingly mistaken belief they will bring them better health and good fortune. Such is the threat against their lives.

Albinism is a genetic condition characterized by a deficiency of melanin pigmentation in the skin, hair and eyes which protects from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

In many African nations – but most commonly in Tanzania – being born an albino is a death sentence as they are butchered in the street.
Their remains are used in the macabre human potions used by traditional healers to treat the sick.
Believing it will bring them good luck and big catches, fishermen on the shores of Lake Victoria weave albino hair into nets.
Bones are ground down and buried in the earth by miners, who believe they will be transformed into diamonds.
The genitals are also sometimes made into treatments to boost sexual potency.

It is also believed that when a HIV patient sleeps with an albino, he gets cured. 
Nevertheless, misinformation abounds. Some locals believe albinos are ghosts that can’t die. Others think they were born into cursed families

And—most chillingly—witch doctors want to hack off  their limbs to put in magic potions promising prosperity and healing.
A complete albino “set”—ears, tongue, nose, genitals, all four limbs—can sell for $ 75,000.
Albinos are mutilated when sighted and their limbs bring fortune.
Witch doctors have made tens of thousands of dollars from selling potions and other items made from their bones, hair, and skin.
Traders sell “cures” in the market of Mgusu. In Tanzania, where the annual per capita income in 2010 was $ 442, the limb of an albino may sell for up to $ 2,000.