Bank App That Lets You Log In With Fingerprint And Can Be Hacked

Users merely have to press finger to smartphone to get into their accounts. Feature has been installed by Royal Bank of Scotland and NatWest. Banks say around 880,000 of their customers can use Touch ID on iPhonesOne expert compared it to 'leaving your house keys under the door mat'
Two High Street banks are letting customers access their money by using fingerprint technology that security experts warn ‘almost anybody’ could crack.

Royal Bank of Scotland and NatWest have installed the feature so that users of their mobile banking apps merely have to press a finger on to their smartphone to get into their accounts. But Professor Mike Jackson, a cybersecurity expert at Birmingham City University, claims the technology offers about as much security as ‘leaving your house keys under the front doormat’.

‘It is not something I would do – put it that way,’ he added.
The banks’ apps utilise Apple’s Touch ID feature, which lets owners of an iPhone 5, 6 or 6 Plus access their device by touching the button under the screen. If the fingerprint matches one they have stored previously, the screen is unlocked. On earlier models, users must enter a numerical code instead........................READ MORE HERE; MailOnline