Boko Haram: Air Force Acquires New Fighter Jets, Set To Rout Insurgents

Adesola Nunayon Amosu's photo.

The Chief Of Air Staff, Air Marshal Adesola Amosun on Sunday said the Nigeria Air Force will be stepping up its air strike on insurgents in the north eastern part of Nigeria following the acquisition of new equipment and weapons.
Speaking in Lagos during the testing and calibration of the newly-acquired equipment, Air Marshal Amosu assured that “in a matter of weeks the insurgents will be weakened considerably and ultimately return peace to that part of the country”.
He maintained that “Some new ammunition has showed up and we need to incorporate these into the platforms we have.
“Then we need to intensify the day and night operations. We are here essentially to flag off the operations, but we need to let the citizens know that occasionally they will hear gunfire; they will have ammunition being delivered so they should not panic.
“For the past two days we have been in the air notifying the citizens accordingly that there is an ongoing operation to recalibrate our weapon system and fine tune our tactics”, he maintained.
He further noted that maritime sector is another sector that needed a second look due to the
“challenges in that area”, adding that “it is not only in the north east that we have challenges in the country. We equally have challenges in the maritime sector.
“We are contributing to the Operation Polo Shield in the Niger Delta”, he stressed.
Source; Channels