France And Cameroun Heading For A Major Diplomatic Spat Over Captured French Boko Haram Fighters

231214F-Boko-Haram-Gunmen.jpg - 231214F-Boko-Haram-Gunmen.jpg

Following the capture of eight French nationals who are members of the terror group Boko Haram, a diplomatic spat has ensued between France and Cameroun, which has insisted on trying the terror suspects.

A top Nigerian intelligence source opened up to THISDAY on the brewing diplomatic tensions between France and one of her Francophone allies in the sub-region following the shocking discovery that some French citizens are staunch members of the sect, a throwback to their membership of the terror group, Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

According to findings, France was reported to have chided her former colony for insisting on trying the terrorists in Cameroun instead of handing them over to the French authorities.

Enraged by the audacity of Cameroun to hold its citizens, the French Foreign Minister, Mr. Lauren Fabuci, was alleged to have ordered that the suspects be handed over to the European country with immediate effect.
However, Camerounian authorities were said to have felt slighted and have protested the manner in which France had demanded the release of its nationals.........CONTINUE HERE; This Day Live