Women, Here Are 12 Cogent Reasons Why You Should Date Younger Men

12 reasons to date younger men
Why waste your time dating someone older and wrinklier? You can keep grey pubes Clooney and Liam Neeson (just think of the balls). Give me a fresh-faced, virile young man any day. Here’s why you too should forget the old farts and start dating younger men immediately.

1. They’re more fun; As a rule they’re more optimistic, open to new things and generally less jaded about life, so expect happy dates instead of having to listen to tedious rants about the rising cost of living.
2. They don’t think they know it all; Older men think they know best and have the right to lecture you about it for two solid hours.

Younger ones may be cocky too, but in a cute, trying-to-impress you way not a ‘you must agree with everything I say or you’re an idiot’ way.
Besides, you can teach younger men stuff too.
3. The obvious; And by this I mean having a body that looks like this.
*Goes to happy place*
4. The really obvious; Sex, sex, and more really good sex involving a man not so stuck in his ways he’s afraid to try something new.
5. You’ll die first; On a really cheerful note, nobody wants to be the partner left heartbroken and lonely in their old age.
So go out happy, shagging a younger man.
6. They’re not stuck in their way; They haven’t decided what their ways are yet.
If you’re lucky, you can get in their ways.
7. They’ll keep you young; Ok, that sounded less creepy in my head.
But it’s true – you’ll know where to eat, what to listen to and how to stay hip. (Hint: maybe don’t use the word ‘hip’.)
8. They have hot friends; Do with that what you will.
9. They have less baggage; No kids, no ex-wives hanging around, no worries.
10. They’ll always be gorgeous; In relation to you, that is. I mean, sure, they’ll obviously still age but they’ll still be hot in their 30s when you’re in your 40s.
11. They’re more romantic;  Older men seem to think you’ll be impressed by their money or house/s, forgetting we now live in a century in which women can buy their own stuff.
Younger men have to be more imaginative with their gifts which are usually sweeter anyway.
12. They’re less possessive; Probably because they don’t have a crazy ex-wife who cheated on them with their best friend or something. 
Source; www.metro.co.uk