30 Clear Signs That Your Relationship Is Doomed!

Had enough? (Picture: Ximagination/Ximagination)
Relationships come and go, but some lasts for a life time. Are you in a bottled neck relationship? Do you notice any of 'those'? According to METRO.co.uk, we’re all for love, romance and fuzziness but the sad fact of life is that sometimes relationships don’t work.
When you are in a relationship that is destined to crash and burn, there are some pretty telltale signs to look out for. We’re not saying that if one or two of these things are part of your relationship then it will fail but if you can nod your head sadly at more than you can dismiss then it might be time to re-evaluate your romantic situation and walk if need be.
Are you in a doomed relationship? Here's 30 telltale signs
1. Pet names become insults; Instead of calling your OH bae or princess, you call them less flattering names which I won’t soil your eyes with. And you kind of mean them.
2. Duvet sharing becomes a thing of the past; Separate duvets pretty much ends bedroom intimacy. A quick cuddle and shuffle before entering your individual cocoons is a little more acceptable but still not great.
3. You don’t say bye when you go to work; If the last thing you say is to remind your partner that its blue bin day then something is not right.

4. You can’t pee in front of each other; Sorry, but a relationship NEEDS utter comfort around each other. If you shield your eyes when your lover is getting changed or can’t belch after a good meal, chances are there will always be an air of awkwardness.
5. Compromise doesn't exist; You actively avoid doing things your partner likes rather than embracing them to learn more about what makes them tick.
6. You ask how the cats are before how your partner is;The first question on a phone call should be about your partner...................READ FULL GISTMETRO