Any Idea Why Stubbing Your Toe Hurts More Than Anything Else?

But why does it hurt so much? Maybe. But Chris Geiser, clinical assistant professor of exercise science at the College of Health Sciences in Milwaukee, believes there are actually biological reasons for the excruciating pain.
Firstly, the tips of our fingers and toes act as a sort of ‘interface with the world’ – they need to warn us if something is hot, sharp, slippery or dangerous in any way.
Because of this they are full of nerve endings, which means banging one on a door frame inevitably hurts like hell – but hey at least you now know wood and human flesh don’t mix well together.
Secondly, despite our toes often leading the charge into any new environment (literally), there is very little skin or muscle surrounding them, leaving these nerve endings exposed.
Chris says: ‘Much like hitting our shin, there .......Read More @;METRO