I Dated Warren Beatty And Basquiat, But Dating Tupac Shakur Turned Me Gangsta - Madonna

Madonna ( Picture Credit bbc)
You know what I mean? When you give a lady all you have got under the sheet, she will do nothing but to stagger and called you 'my excellency.' Madonna queen of pop can attest to that. Pop Star Madonna has at last admitted she dated iconic rapper Tupac Shakur. In a first time shared A list dating diary, Madonna revealed she bedded the murdered rapper in 1994, two years before he was shot and killed.

In her words; I was dating Tupac at the time and he got me all riled up about life in general''. When I went on the show I was feeling very gangsta.

She also revealed that she was once raped in the late 1970s and felt highly humiliated and so did not go to seek for justice by going to the police. ''I was rapped'', she told an American radio presenter Howard Stern. However, she said she refused to let the attack pull her down or rock her confidence and never considered running back to her home town in Michigan from where she moved to New York where she was forcefully raped by a neighbour who lured her into his home.

She also shared details about her relationship with other people including artist Jean-Michel Basquiat; whom she said; "When I broke up with him, he made me give [his paintings] back to him and then he painted over them black," she admitted. "It's difficult to watch people destroy themselves. We think we can fix people, but we can't. Just change yourself."