Is This Kim Kadarshian's Ancestral Village? People Living On Butthole Lane Say They Would Never Change Their Street Name

Hey, anyone seen Kim Kadarshian about? This village is exactly where Kim K is suppose to have come from. What’s in a name? Well, for the residents of Butthole Lane, quite a lot The proud people living on the rudely named street in Shepshed, Leicestershire have remained defiant that their beloved street will not be renamed.
Bill Hutchinson, who was born on Butthole Lane said anyone hoping to change its name would be ‘laughed out of court’.

The 77-year-old told the Leicester Mercury: ‘It is part of the tradition of Shepshed. Everybody that is a Shepshedian by birth has happy memories of Butthole Lane.’

Rather than being a crude joke that went too far, Butthole Lane actually takes its name from the old English word ‘butt’, which was a target. It is believed Butthole Lane was where archers practices shooting at targets during the Tudor period.
The folk who dwell on Butthole Lane are hardier than their counterparts on Butt Hole Road in South Yorkshire who, in 2009, had their street renamed as Archers Way. They were reportedly sick of people exposing their rear-ends while having photos taken next to the street sign.
Puerile humour doesn’t bother those on Butthole Lane however, with Mr Hutchinson calling the street ‘a permanent fixture, I would hope, for centuries to come’, he said.