WOW! Super Slimmer Drops 13 Stone By Cutting Out One Vice From Her Diet

Michelle Quinn b4 & After Weight Drop (SWNS)
This super slimmer from South Shields, Tyneside, has reason to celebrate after dropping nearly half her body weight in just under two years. Michelle Quinn, 42, says she feels like a new woman after losing 12.5st and going from a dress size 30 to size 12, reports.

Her weight ballooned after scoffing a loaf of bread a day but she lost the weight after cutting out the white carbohydrates (bread, pasta, rice) - including the butter-filled bacon sarnies, crisps for lunch and fish and chips for dinner that she used to eat.

She ditched the bread and the white carbs and started a diet consisting of cereal or fruit and yoghurt for breakfast, home-made soup for lunch and healthy versions of her favourite meals for dinner, such as cooking with lean meats instead of fatty cuts.
Michelle Quinn lost nearly 13 stone over two years [SWNS]