UK Adulterous Town Statistics; Where Do You Live?

Do you want to know if your spouse is remaining faithful depending which city you reside in the UK? Well a good place to start might be by checking out one website’s adulterous towns index. Beeston in Nottinghamshire has been awarded the title of Britain’s most unfaithful town, METRO reported. 
Award winning town of Beeston
The full top 10 list reads…
1. Beeston
2. Livingston
3. Maidenhead
4. Taunton
5. Runcorn
6. Newcastle-under-Lyme
7. Guildford
8. Farnborough
9. Bracknell
10. Loughborough
However, there’s some good news for the couples of Craigavon, Northern Ireland, as they are said to be the most faithful town – only 0.04 per cent of the population are playing away from home. .....Read More @; METRO