When A Woman Lacks Self Confi; Cristiano Ronaldo's Ex Irina Shayk Slams Him, Says She 'Felt Ugly' When She Stood Next To Him

Ladies, look when ever you starts feeling this way, that means it's time to walk or up you self being. Your man cannot never be your man if you fell this way while with him. Some ladies make the mistake of clinching -on hopping it will be better of for the bills-paid, but in honest, you are killing your worth, if there is any left?

In an interview with Spanish magazine Hola, Irina spoke about her ideal man. She said; "My ideal man is faithful, honest and a gentleman who knows how to treat women. I don't believe in men who make us feel unhappy, because they're boys not men. I thought I had once found the ideal man but it didn't turn out that way" She added: 'I think a woman feels ugly when she's got the wrong man at her side. I've felt ugly and insecure.'