Woman First Met Her Dad At 19….. Then Had Sex With Him

What an abomination?  Wonders shall never end! A woman has revealed that she had sex with her father after meeting him for the first time when she was 19. Natasha Rose Chenier, now 24, made the revelation on Jezebel saying that her father ‘wanted to have sex with me from the first moment he laid eyes on me’.
Upon realising their feelings were mutual, she claims they had oral sex which left her with feelings of ‘self-hate and disgust’ that led to her retching in an en suite bathroom.
Their first sexual encounter, she writes, happened two years after the pair met. She said: ‘We had oral sex a few times, almost always preceded by my descending into a whirlwind of self-hate and disgust and dry heaving over the toilet in the bathroom attached to his room.’  Read More @ Metro