Bobbi Kristina's Brother/Boyfriend/Husband Posts Cryptic Tweet About 'Releasing A Book' As She Is 'Taken Home To Die Peacefully'

Bobbi Kristina's brother/boyfriend/husband Nick Gordon has posted a cryptic tweet about releasing a book as her family plan to move her back home to pass away peacefully. Whitney Houston's daughter, who has been seriously ill since being found unconscious in a bath in January, will be transferred to her mother's house and Nick has hinted he's set to tell all about his rocky relationship with her family.

Nick, 25, tweeted a message today after the news broke about Bobbi, writing: "How do I have more pictures/time with her and you wanna be here for her now," adding: "Book soon." New pictures also show Nick, 25, after leaving rehab wearing black shorts, sneakers and a grey t-shirt and looking healthy as he strolled outside of his home in Florida.