Former New York Model Sues Her Boss For £540m Over Sex And Job

{ Picture though, not the model in question}
This is exactly what am talking about. A former model is suing her former boss, a New York big boy for £540m on the grounds that he pressured her into having sex with him and then got her fired when he found out she had another man in her life.

Hanna Bouveng 25 was offered a highly lucrative Wall Street marketing job despite being so inexperienced and the boss used that opportunity and began a sexual relationship with her only to dump and then fired her because she had another man. She wants the £540m as compensation for all her services in the bed/boardroom and off the bedroom as marketing boss of a Wall Street firm. 

Tell this to a Nija company owner and bosses who see the female staffers as bush allowance and if you will even get a good ref for your next job.