The New Botox; ‘'Sperm Facial’ Keeps This Woman Looks Young''

There is no doubt sperm is very rich in almost everything you can imagine. But have you ever thought of keeping yourself looking young by using sperm as a facial cream? Here is the lady who can attest and serve as clear practical evidence to that, aside from research.  

This woman claims that ‘sperm facial’ treatment is keeping her looking young and beautiful with the help of her friend’s ‘cum’ on her face. Tracy Kiss’ way of keeping her looks maybe a distaste to others, but she claims that it is working to help her keep her flawless complexion.
says that by letting the ‘cum’ flows on her face, it gives her the youthful glow she craves.
imageShe couldn't have done it by herself of course, therefore, her male ‘friend’ Ben comes to the rescue by providing her the sperm, God how she makes him provides it but hey, whatever works for her, right?
‘I know it sounds disgusting, but it leaves my skin smooth and free, I thank my friend Ben for providing me the sperm. My friends think I’m crazy, but I’m thrilled with the result’, says Tracy.
It is not a secret that sperm contains vitamins and proteins that can help nurture healthy skin, but pouring a friend’s sperm on her face to get results? now that is a to get results indeed.
Asked if Ben gets a girlfriend in the future, ‘I will have to find someone else to provide his for my face’.
Guys, would you convince your girlfriend/wife to try this treatment using your sperm? Girls, would you try this? Source;