A Blind Bulgarian Mystic Baba Vanga, Who 'Predicted' The Rise Of ISIS, Says They'll Invade Europe In 2016

A blind Bulgarian seer whose followers claim she correctly foretold major world events such as global warming, the 2004 tsunami and the rise of Isis has made some scary predictions, according to a new report published by huffingtonpost.co.uk.

Those who believe the mystical Baba Vanga has powers of precognition say that before her death at 85 in 1996 she prophesied the end of Europe as we know it.
It is said she foresaw ''a 2016 invasion of Europe by Muslim extremists, which will involve the use of chemical weapons and after which Europe may cease to exist''.
According to local legend, Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova first gained the ability to see the future when she was blinded in a terrible storm at age 12. Believers say that since then she has corrretly predicted the following; 
(1) The Kursk nuclear submarine disaster
(2) Global warming
(3) 9/11 - “Horror, horror! The American brethren will fall after being attacked by the steel birds. (4) The wolves will be howling in a bush, and innocent blood will be gushing."
(5) The 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami - "A huge wave will cover a big coast covered with people and towns, and everything will disappear beneath the water. Everything will melt, just like ice."
(6) A "great Muslim war" beginning with the Arab Spring and culminating in the rise of Isis
(7) The election of Barack Obama - She predicted that the 44th President would be an African American. She also predicted he would be the last US President.
(8)World War II
(9) The date on which Tsar Boris III died
(10) The break up of Czechoslovakia
(11) The break up of the Soviet Union
(12) The break up of Yugoslavia
(13) East and West Germany's reunification
(14) Boris Yeltsin's election
(15) The Chernobyl disaster
(16) The date of Stalin's death
(17) The conflicts in Syria
(18) The separation of Crimea

And Baba Vanga said the following about the future?
(2) Hunger will be eradicated at some point around between 2025 and 2028
(3) The ice caps will be melted by 2045
(4) The US will launch an attack on Muslim-held Europe, using a climate-based ‘instant freezing’ weapon
(5) Between 2170 to 2256 a Mars colony will gain nuclear weapons, demand independence from Earth
(6) We'll also apparently find something nasty in the search for alien life
(7) We'll have time travel by 2304
(8) The Earth will be uninhabitable by 2341
(9) By 4674 humanity will have totally assimilated with aliens
(10) And in 5079 the universe will end.
Source; Huff Post