Mixed Reactions Greeted The Free The Nipple Picnic Event Organized By A Group Of Women In Australia!

What is this BIKO NU? A group of female friends decided to have a picnic, and make a point by ditching their tops and bras. They were aiming to challenge the patriarchy – but soon found themselves trolled and threatened with violence, metro.co.uk reports.

Zoe Buckley Lennox, 22, and Amanda Haworth, 21, organised the Free The Nipple event, and around 50 women came along and bared their breasts in Brisbane.

Amanda told Daily Mail Australia: ‘We started to talk about the ways in which we could work towards freeing the nipple. ‘We just said to each other: “Hey, why don’t we put on a picnic where our friends can come and take their shirts off and sit in the park and have a nice afternoon?”

This did not go down well with everyone as people reacted in different ways in criticizing the event; 

One woman wrote: ‘What a horrible thing to expose children to and how sad that women feel the need to do these things to get attention. ‘If you want to be treated like equal’s [sic] maybe stop doing childish and attention seeking things. ‘Your [sic] really just promoting pornography more than anything.’
Courtesy; Metro UK