OMG! Look At What This Woman Has Built A Career On!

Sending pictures of your private parts might seem like a creepy hobby for nowadays love in Tokios, but this girl has found a way to turn it into art. The NYC photographer has built a successful career by dressing up these potentially unsightly male appendages.

On her official website, Soraya reveals the inspiration behind her project;
“I’ve gotten my fair share of dick pics over the years, and most of my single friends had as well. We would show them to each other and compare. I thought it would be funny to treat dick pics like a high fashion photo shoot. So, I put clothes on penises and the rest is history!

The 35-year-old goes into some detail about what makes a great dick-pic, commenting on the lighting and choice of camera angle, but she also believes boner quality is very important; “I can’t believe some people send a picture of a limp dick.”

The New York Post spent a day at one of Doolbaz’s photoshoots, and found out exactly what the male models think of her work. Viralthread.