Plane Passenger Watches Pirated Movie Unaware He’s Sitting Next To The Star Of The Movie!

Do you watch pirated movie? If yes, then next time you’re about to watch one in public, look over your shoulder because you could be sat next to one of the stars of the movie. That’s what happened to this unfortunate plane passenger who settled down with a pirated film only to find the star of the movie was sitting next to him, reports.

Kriti Sanon is an award-winning actress who has just featured in the newly-released Bollywood movie Dilwale. The 25-year-old spotted the passenger using a projector to watch the movie, which is still in cinemas, and tweeted her anger to her 420,000 followers.
Someone watchin pirated version of Dilwale in front of me on phone in the flight! Annoyed!! 😡
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