Police Officer Saves Abandoned Baby’s Life By Breastfeeding Her!

A good samaritan police officer was quick in thinking, selfless and resourceful. According to viralthread.com, Officer Luisa Fernanda Urrea displayed all of these qualities when she was called to a harrowing scene in her patrol zone in Columbia. A newborn baby, with her umbilical cord still attached, had been heard crying in the woodland.

Deep in the undergrowth where the starving helpless baby was, abandoned and facing the risk of developing hypothermia. As a new mother herself, Officer Urrea knew what she had to do to save the baby’s life. She breastfed the starving child – providing the essential nurture which was so badly needed.
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11 January at 18:05
After they found the baby abandoned in rural area of tulua a member of the police gives him breast milk.

Officer Urrea stated: “I’m a new mother and I have milk, and I recognised the needs that this poor little creature had… I think any woman would have given her nourishment in the same circumstances.”

The incident is now being investigated and criminal charges may be brought against the mother if she is found. Meanwhile, the baby is recovering at the Colombian Family Welfare Institute who will both care for her and find her a new adoptive home. Viralthread.com