Schoolboy’s Innocent Spelling Mistake Led To An Invite From UK Police

A schoolboy who mistakenly wrote during an English lesson that he lived in a TERRORIST HOUSE, instead of A TERRACED HOUSE, a simple mistake has been visited by UK police.

His class teacher did not see the funny side to this innocent mistake, rather he immediately invited the police. Teachers are legally obliged to report any whiff of suspected extremism, even if it’s an innocent mistake like that, reports.

So police officers ended up visiting the family in Lancashire the next day and examined their laptop, according to the BBC.

But his family aren’t happy. They said: ‘You can imagine it happening to a 30-year-old man, but not to a young child.

‘If the teacher had any concerns it should have been about his spelling. They shouldn’t be putting a child through this. ‘He’s now scared of writing, using his imagination.’