Sudan Expels Iranian Ambassador And Entire Iranian Diplomatic Mission Over Saudi Killing, As Russia And China Released Statements

The Middle East diplomatic row has spread to Africa, where Sudan -- a majority Sunni Muslim country -- expelled the Iranian ambassador and the entire Iranian diplomatic mission in the country. Sudan also recalled its ambassador from Iran, CNN reports.

The Saudi government announced the Sudanese move, saying Sudan acted because of "the Iranian interference in the region through a sectarian approach." 
This is coming after Bahrain and UAE have either downgraded their relations with Iran or recalled their diplomatic mission. 

However, Russia and China, two of the biggest geopolitical players in the hemisphere, released statements calling for restraint between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

"Moscow is concerned about escalation of the situation in the Middle East with participation of the key regional players," the Russian foreign ministry said Monday. Russia calls on the Saudis and Iranians to "show restraint and to avoid any steps that might escalate the situation and raise tensions including an inter-religious ones."

China's foreign ministry said it is paying close attention to the events and hopes "all parties can remain calm and restrained, use dialogue and negotiations to properly resolve differences, and work together to safeguard the region's peace and stability."