OMG! Man Killed Himself By Slitting Own Throat In A Chemist Store After Staff ‘Refuse Him Cocaine Replacement Drug!

A man has died after walking into a UK high street Boots store and slitting his own throat in front of horrified shoppers after he was refused methadone, a drug users replacement prescription drug. Paramedics rushed to the branch but the 50-year-old could not be saved and was pronounced dead at the scene, reports.

The incident occurred at round 9am yesterday. Shoppers who witnessed the terrifying incident say the man had wandered into the store demanding methadone but was refused the drug.

The man, who was from Stoke-on-Trent, then slit his own throat. One woman said: ‘A woman came running out of the store screaming and carrying a little baby. She was shouting ‘he’s just done it in front of me’.

‘When the police arrived, they swarmed straight around the store and went inside. Someone came outside and told us a man had come in asking for methadone but was not allowed to have the drug and the next thing he did was pulled out a knife and cut his own throat in the presence of shoppers and staffers.


  1. That's how easily some fanatic could slit someone else's throat. Just saying.


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