Watch Video Of What Wendy Williams Said Happened When Her 13 YO Son Walked In On Her Having Sex With Her Husband

Wend told Conan O’Brien; "If you walk in on me and my husband, you’re gonna get a surprise. I’ll just tell you this. [my son] got a surprise and he will never do that again. He walked in on me giving my husband a favor, at 2 o’clock in the morning. He forgot to clear his throat and stomp.”

“He didn’t hear anything, and he saw the TV. And then he looked, and what do you think we did? “[The next morning] He was going out with some of his friends and I usually, we leave the house with a hug and a kiss. We hugged, but he wouldn’t kiss me. He wouldn’t kiss me, Conan.”

“We’ve never had the conversation about it. In my mind, if we ever do have it, I'm gonna lead with, ‘Well, at least your mother and father love each other, which is more than I can say for some of the kids that you’re growing up with. So enjoy that.’”
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