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Kanye West On Twitter In Defence Of Jay Z's Tidal Over Beef With Apple!

Kanye West on twitter Saturday to rebuke Apple over beef with Jay Z's Tidal, demanding a pay out for trying to run down Tidal with their beef. See tweets below;......

Hon. Chike Okafor, Speaker Of House Of Rep, Others May Soon Be Arrested By EFCC Over Allegations Of Budget Manipulation!

Sacked Chairman of House of Representatives committee on Appropriation, Abdulmumin Jibrin, today released a statement as follows;........
"Yesterday we recorded huge success in our mission to get the Corrupt Speaker of the House Yakubu Dogara and his cohorts to face prosecution. On the request of my lawyers, the security agencies have promptly protected the appropriation secretariat, my office and house. Our petition to the EFCC and ICPC against Speaker Dogara, Lasun, Doguwa, Ogor and eight other members have been dispatched yesterday.
The case against them ranges from corrupt enrichment, abuse of office and public trust, living above means, massive movement of funds in budget. The members are Speaker Yakubu Dogara, Deputy Speaker Yusuf Lasun, Whip Alhassan Doguwa and Minority Leader Leo Ogor. Others include, chairman FCT Hon Herma Hembe, Chairman higher education Hon Zakari Mohammed, chairman health Hon Chike Okafor Chairman power Hon Dan Asuquo, Chairman marine transport Hon moha…

Watch Video As A Brazilian Man Was Caught Getting Randy With His Car In Broad Daylight!

Video you are about to watch below shows the moment a man was caught having sex with his car through the exhaust. Passersby were shocked when they sneaks up behind the man who appears to be thrusting the back of his Opel Corsa in broad daylight. But the horny devil is not aware he is being filmed until a voice in Portuguese says: ‘Is it good? reports.
Startled, the man promptly removes himself from the exhaust and sets out on the most awkward walk of shame on the planet. The pedestrian follows him and continues to say: ‘You’re a car f***er. Did you come?’ The 22-second video was posted on LiveLeak today and has already been viewed almost 80,000 times. Watch Video Here
Flustered man caught having sex wih car Play Video

The Fajuyi Spirit - By Femi Fani-Kayode

Fifty years ago today, on July 29th 1966, a man by the name of Lt. Col. Francis Adekunle Fajuyi gave his life in defence of our country and the then Head of State, General Johnson Thomas Aguiyi-Ironsi. His killers were a group of northern army officers who participated in the so-called northern "revenge coup" of July 29th 1966. No less than 300 Igbo army officers were slaughtered that night together with a handful of yoruba soldiers, including Fajuyi.
Major General Fajuyi was a yoruba man who opted to die in defence of an igbo Head of State. This was not only honorable and courageous but it was also unique and unprecedented. He was a selfless hero and a man that we shall honor and immortalise in the new Nigeria that is to come.
Those that murdered him, General Aguiyi-Ironsi and the famous 300 in cold blood that night are still running the affairs of our country till today. They determine who is who and who gets what. They decide who our President will be and how long he will r…

Some People Will Make Billboard Of A Photo Of Their Handshake With President Barack Obama, But Look At What Hon. IKE C Ibe Got From The Obamas

Former Imo State governorship aspirant, who is also a former Speaker of the Imo State House of Assembly. Rt.Hon.Ike C. Ibe exchanged marital vows with his bride, Uchechi Anusiem at the Lux Terra Catholic Chaplaincy, Villa Nova Estate, Apo Dutse, Abuja precisely on the 2nd day of July 2016. 
You would recall Hon. Ike C Ibe lost his first wife Nancy and daughter, Jennifer in the ill-fated Dana air crash in Lagos Nigeria in 2012.  The Honourable who is a philanthropist, shared the letter showing the congratulatory message he received from United States President Barack and his wife, Michelle Obama as seen here below;........
We on our own side wish to say, congrats, the people's Hon and wishing you and your beautiful new wife a blissful married life.  

Hon. Abdulmumin Jibrin Alleges Speaker Of The House Of Rep, Dogara Diverted Federal Water Project To His Farm In Nasarawa

Read his full statement below;..... Good morning fellow Nigerians, Everyday I will give additional allegation against Mr Speaker and the 3 others until the law catches up with them. Allegation no21 to Mr Speaker: why did you fraudulently divert a Fed Govt water project to your farm in Nasarawa and how are you funding the farm?
When a new Speaker emerges and the other principal officers replaced, I will write to the presiding officers of both chambers to commence a radical internal reform in the entire NASS beyond budget to cover performance assessment, running cost and allowances, investigations etc
If the reform so done on NASS is not made public latest by December, I shall take it up and lay before the general public even if I am alone The idea is to do a clean up, flush out corruption and corrupt members so that in 2019 only corrupt free people who want to serve will come in
God Almighty knows I am not perfect but as I approach 40 years in September, I have always wondered what is it t…

Our Photo Of The Day! A Vehicle Belonging To Nigeria's Road Safety Body FRSC Was Seen Today Overloaded, While You Can See The Same FRSC Arresting An Overloaded Vehicle Below!

This Nigeria for you! A vehicle belonging to The Federal Road Safety Commission  FRSC was today seen fully overloaded, while you can see below the same road safety body was seen arresting a motorist with a similar overload as there's.

Niger Delta Avengers Issued A Warning Threatening To Destroy Nigeria's Economy Over Plan To Attack Them!

A statement issued yesterday Tuesday 26th July 2016by Niger Delta Avengers through their spokesperson, Brig. Gen Mudoch Agbinibo, alleged that the dialogue being initiated by the Federal government with their group, is nothing but a delay tactic for an impending attack against them. They then issued a warning threatening to destroy the country's economy.  Read the statement below;....
"The NDA intelligence agency gathered that the said peace talk or dialogue by the federal government is a delay tactic employed by the federal government, to enable their purchased drones that are said to arrive latest end of August from the United State. This whole thing makes us to wonder what kind of country is this? We can all see that President Buhari led government is fraud. They are not serious about any dialogue and made it seems the Niger Delta Avengers are the ones not ready for dialogue.
Mr. President you can purchase all the drones in Europe and Untied State. It won’t stop the Niger Del…

The Economist Magazine Refers To Nigeria As ''Africa's Most Famously Corrupt Country.''

An article titled "How Nigeria is fighting corruption" published yesterday by the Economist Magazine which examines the anti-corruption fight of President Buhari, described Nigeria as ''Africa's most Famously corrupt country'' and said that Nigeria may through its fight against corruption, teach others about transparency. You can read full article here.
"Nigerians know what to expect when they approach police checkpoints. “How can you appreciate me?” ask officers, AK-47s dangling languidly from their shoulders. “Happy weekend!” say security guards from the early hours of Friday morning.
Or simply: “What do you have for me?” Nigeria, as David Cameron, Britain’s former prime minister, pointed out, is “fantastically corrupt”. In Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index, it is 31st from the bottom. Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari, a former military ruler, wants to change this. How is he doing? Few doubt Mr Buhari’s intent. But the ta…

Nigerian High Commission To Visit Four Nigerian Nationals Facing Death Penalty As Indonesia Gives 72 Hours Notice Of Executions!

Yet again, Nigerian nationals could be among those to be executed in Indonesia as the country gives 72 hour notice to convicted drug dealers.  According to AP and ABC news, Indonesia has given a group of death row inmates 72 hours notice before they face the firing squad. Authorities have been making preparations, with death row drug convicts transferred to Nusakambangan prison island where Indonesia puts convicts to death. Fourteen prisoners are listed for execution, among them four Nigerian nationals, including Humphrey Ejike Jefferson and Michael Tutus Igwe, a Pakistani, one Indonesian woman, a Chinese, and Taiwanese nationals. Lawyers for some of the inmates have told ABC their clients may seek last-minute clemency from President Joko Widodo, meaning their executions could be delayed.
Meanwhile, Nigerian embassy were told to visit the Nigerian nationals in Cilacap yesterday, July 25 as they could be executed is days, reports Samantha Hawley for ABC Jakarta.

Despite widespread interna…

Our Photo Of The Day. Gov. Wike Looks Scared By Amaechi's Bold Handshake! If Na You Nko?

Former Rivers State governor Rotimi Amaechi and his successor Barr Nyesom Wike  in a drama-full public show of handshake, as both political enemies met with heads and chiefs of security agencies to fine tune a way forward for the upcoming state and national assembly election rerun in the state. View another photo below.

A Bank ATM Scam Is Sweeping The UK Here’s How To Avoid It - Telegraph

Bank customers throughout the UK have been falling victim to a ‘distraction scam’, in which criminals literally distract a person at a cash machine for a few brief seconds, in which time they can gain full access to that person’s account. Barclays bank has now issued a new video to warn the public about the scam, and advise them on how to avoid falling prey to it.
He turns to help her pick up her things – at which point her accomplice, using an adjacent machine, snatches the victim’s card, having already spied his PIN number as he typed it in. With his card and PIN number, the scammers would now be able to withdraw up to the full daily limit on the man’s account.
A spokesman for Barclays said: “Barclays is determined to do all it can to combat fraud. "We've had a media campaign across all of our different channels, direct mails, in-branch posters and ATMs, so it actually just felt like a really natural step to put our weight behind this campaign.”
Barclays bank offered these tip…

Corruption: Buhari Thinks Nigerians Are Fools, Says, He Will Not Shield Any APC Member!

In an interview with The Interviewer magazine., titled, ''Why Babangida Removed Me From Power'',President Muhammadu Buhari said if any member of his party, the APC nor any of his supporters is found guilty in any act of corruption, he will not shield them. 
And he asked;, “Do you just grab people along the road and take them off to court for trial just because you want to create a semblance of balance? First, there has to be an accusation which must be properly investigated, and when a prima facie case has been built, you prosecute.
If any of my backers or party (APC) members has anything established against them, let’s see whether I will shield anyone from prosecution. There seems to be a preponderance of the People Democratic Party members standing trial because they had been in power for 16 years, they had access to the public treasury and abused the trust reposed in them. You can be assured that anybody caught in corruption will answer for it irrespective of party, t…

Mass Murder; 19 Killed 45 Others Seriously Injured, As A Machete Man Stormed A Facility For The Disabled In Japan

Not less than 19 people were reportedly killed and 45 others seriously injured when a man carrying a machete went on rampage Tuesday at a facility for the disabled in a city just west of Tokyo. According to reports, police responded to a call at about 2:30 a.m. on Tuesday from an employee saying that they saw a man dressed in black clothes holding a weapon in the grounds of the Tsukui Yamayuri Garden and that something horrible was happening at the facility in the city of Sagamihara.
2 hours after the incident, a man turned himself in at a police station, police in Sagamihara said but left the knife in his car when he entered the station. Police say a 26-year-old man who was a former staff member confessed to the stabbings. The suspect reportedly escaped the facility but then turned himself in He has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and trespassing. Police said there were several casualties but did not provide any numbers. This is a rare case of mass violence in Japan, ac…

Water Don Pass Garri; Video As Church Members Threw Pastor Out Of Church During Service In Lagos Over Disagreement On Money Disbursement!

CAC church in Lagos Nigeria was thrown into pandemonium last Sunday as members of the Abule-Ijesha branch in Yaba local government threw their pastor Michael Oni out of the church during the service, over disagreements on the disbursement of church funds and his monthly salary. 
According to a member of the church, the pastor who was recently transferred to their church from Ibadan, was demanding for a certain amount of salary which they refused to pay him. They accused him of insulting them and causing trouble in the church.
"He has been giving the church problem, causing chaos in the church and fighting members, insulting and raising bad covenant between members"Badejo Adelu, a member of the church told TVC.
According to the pastor, the church members refused to render accounts of the church to him  "I asked them that I want to see the account of the church which they failed to render. I told them they should not spend any money without approval by me, they refused"…

OMG! Watch Terrifying Video As Tiger Attacked And Killed A Woman At A Wildlife Park In Beijing

Chinese media posted a video today Sunday of a tigers at a wildlife park in Beijing dragging and finally killed a woman and injured another after the pair left their vehicle following an argument.The attack took place at Beijing Badaling Wildlife World Saturday, reported, when one of the women left the vehicle following an altercation. A tiger quickly attacked her and dragged her off, prompting the second woman to leave the vehicle in an attempt to help.
Another tiger mauled her to death before carrying off her body. The two women were accompanied by a man, who aided the rescue attempt - and a small child, who were uninjured. The park allows visitors to drive their own cars safari style through an open space where the animals roam free
Report on online news portal Sohu said that park personnel quickly rushed to the women's aide, but were too late to save one of them. The injured woman is recovering from her wounds in hospital. Watch Video Below;......