As Nigerians At Home Are Languishing In Abject Poverty Created By Buhari Imposed Recession, The Man Is Busy Having A Family Reunion At The UN General Assembly!

Here is the evidence to show that Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari doesn't care how the entire Nigerian masses are faring as the recession he created due to his lack of leadership and economic know-how continue to hit hard on every sector of live. This is a man who launched his pet project a few days ago, titled ''Change Begins With Me,'' asking Nigerians to change their ways and not resort to the old ways of doing things.

Then tell me what his children are doing at the UN General Assembly? Chidinma Onyejiuwa asked, Is UN General Assembly (UNGA) now a place for family re-union or he's just lost the plot totally? This is gross abuse of office and privilege, to say the least. Obviously, the CHANGE is not beginning with Buhari.

UNGA is for serious business, not a holiday resort and only official delegates are allowed. It is the main deliberative, policy making and representative organ of the UN. It's where decisions on important questions, such as those on peace and security, admission of new members and budgetary matters are deliberated and the Assembly requires each member country to send equal number of officials and experts, not the family members of their leaders
And here is a proof from the UN website that for Buhari's children to have be allowed in the Assembly, they must have been included in Nigeria's delegation and my question is in what capacity?
Q10. Is the general debate opened to the public?
No, the general debate and the General Assembly are not opened to the public. Due to the large number of VIPs attending, additional security measures are taken in and around the UN premises. Access to the premises is more restricted than usual and is restricted to delegates and their staff; staff members of the United Nations Secretariat and of the funds, programmes and agencies of the United Nations system; accredited media; and affiliates who are wearing a United Nations grounds pass. In addition, members of civil society who are invited to attend the high-level meetings are required to be in possession of a meeting-specific pass at all times. Source: