''Don’t Attempt To Contest In 2019.'' – Obasanjo Tells Buhari

BREAKING: Don’t Attempt To Contest In 2019 – Obasanjo Warns Buhari                                
As the economic recession continue to take hold of almost every aspects of life in Nigeria, which has been attributed to  the inability of the ruling All Progressives Congress APC, to formulate sound economic policies at the federal level, former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, has warned President Muhammadu Buhari, against contesting for president come 2019.
Obasanjo, who on Friday evening spoke through his former Chief Press Secretary, Alex Nwokedi, called on Buhari not to think of returning to power.

Nwokedi, who is the immediate past Chairman, Anambra State Council of Traditional Rulers, however, urged Nigerians to support the President to complete his current tenure.

Speaking with Vanguard, the Traditional Ruler said, “President Buhari has no program. He had only one ambition. He wanted to be President, and by the grace of God he is now the President.

“There is one adage which says that, ‘When a child wakes up in the night, he is looking for something. And when he sees it, he will go back to sleep’.

“The economy is not just bad, but very bad. We have no alternative than to support him for the remaining years he has to spend.

“The economy is very bad, and Buhari should give way for somebody who has a plan, to come and take care of the economy. What I mean is that Buhari has no program.

“He has got what he has been awake to get, which is to be President of Nigeria, and after his four years, he should give way for somebody who has a program to come in and restructure Nigeria economically and geographical

On what other programs should the government put in place after the current diversification and fiscal policies, it claimed will be used to resuscitate the ailing economy, Nwokedi said, “Ask him, what program does he have? I have told you agriculture, and it is the mainstay of the Nigerian economy, right from time immemorial. Oil is just a recent thing.

“If we develop agriculture, you will see how less concerned we will naturally become about oil.

“Part of the problem, is that Buhari has to be fair to all ethnic groups in Nigeria, and not to pay attention to only one. It is not only when you embezzle money that they say you are dishonest. Buhari could be honest, but he is not a fair man”.