Goodluck Jonathan Consoles The Good People Of Israel On The Death Of Their Former Leader Shimon Peres, Nigerians Elongates Him!

Former Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan took to his Facebook wall to condole with the good people of Israel on the death of their former PM and Nigerians took it over from him. 

In his words; ''I condole with the state of Israel over the passing of one of her founding fathers. President Shimon Peres was an outstanding diplomat and a gallant military officer who later became a great advocate for peace and justice. May his soul Rest In Peace. Alav Ha-shalom. GEJ.''

Then it started to flow; 
James Oguche Good leaders leave legacy that outlived them. Mr. Peres left an indelible legacy in Israel that can hardly be erased from the sands of time. That is hall mark of true leaders that do not place self first. And so did our own GEJ! You left a legacy that 

Aminu Ibrahim Nasale Baba we miss you. come back abehhg. Buhari wan kill us with hunger! Even northerners de pray for you now.
Ikenna Sixtus They are now suffering the mess caused by the people they thought were better. As for Igbos, we'll thrive no matter what! Sir, we did our best to return you to Aso Rock, but the self centered 'big names' of this country didn't allow that. We Love You, Sir.  May his soul rest in peace.

Tochi Okoro He was indeed a great man,with so much passion for Israel and humanity.Best known for negotiating the Oslo peace Accords in 1993,May his memory be a blessing #THEGREATPERES

Uche Ify Bethran Gej, what do you have to say about the present recession in Nigeria? What is your suggestion to this administration on the way forward? What do you think they're doing wrong? Or what are they supposed to do that they're not doing? What is your advice to the suffering masses who live by daily earnings, and have little or nothing to cope with in this period? Tender your advice through this medium pls.

Fiyebo G Eperetei Amen, Nice 1 sir. "I am the most critizes President in the world but when I leave Nigerian will remember my effort or remember me" -----Former President Goodluck Jonathan

Osagency Mike Osaji GEJ, you need to intervene with what is happening in PDP now. We know that many of the PDP members betrayed you but then you need to assist in bringing PDP to life again. Bringing them to life will also protect you. Remain great.

Ekene Orabueze May the peace of the lord be with you sir as the Animals in the zoo are enjoying their recession cause by dullard from daura, Tinubu, Amaechi , obasanjo and Almajiri infringe on the zoo.
ThankGod Ekom Effiong Hero of our modern democracy , may you live long ! God bless you . Gudboy Pam He was indeed a great man, and u too. may his soul rest in peace

John Omofoma Your excellency sir peace be unto you for being a living hero and legend to our generation you are bless in all you do sir

Clifford Datit may his soul rest in peace with the Lord till we meet to part no more at the bosom of our Lord God almighty, may the good Lord give the country and his family to bear the lost

Eze Emeka May His Gentle Soul Rest In Perfect Peace, Amen. We Miss U Sir De Economy Is So Hard On Us.

Kenneth Uwahimire Amen.please sir,we want you back in 2019 to finish the good work you started. 
Khalif-Harun 'Dreamtease' Otayokhe I am missing this perfect gentleman. God bless you sir

Sewell Amon Simeon R.I.P a rare gem with unquestionable and impeccable character. You remain the greatest patriotic president Nigeria ever had

Juliet A Tuaton Gibson Gudeveng ur xcellency I think some one is using ur name,pictures ad details on Facebook to dupe pple pls do sometyn abt it sir tnx may God continue to protect u ad ur household

John Amadike A great leader with great concern. I love you sir. U remain the best.

Emmanuel Popoola Nigeria shall be great again despite the current challenges faced... RIP to President Peres..

Kenneth Inaku Am beginning to appreciate Jonathan. Mr. Jonathan, Nigeria is going down all in the name of useless "change"

Lawrenzo Oyeyero Umukoro Amen sir, u will always be remembered. Nigerians are dying under APC govt, we are suffering seriously.

Samuel Uchechukwu Callistus My master we mis u alot we need u pl sand again may his perfect soul rest in peace amen

Onwe Uchechukwu Emmanuel RIP president Peres. I miss you Jonathan

Austin OO JJ my able president, the best I ever love, I cried day n night we r missing you have u heard that we r buying rice now at the rate of 23k now? may u leave long. Read More Here