Is Delta A Tribe? For Those Of You That Play The Nigerian Politics Of ''Divide The Igbos Into Igbo And Delta Igbo, Here Is What Okoyele C Neddy Wrote On His Facebook Wall!

I always get stupid comments/questions as "Neddy, shey you be Delta? Why you dey carry Igbo matter for head? You be Delta-Igbo not Igbo". Honestly, am fed up of the stupid thinking of both the so-called "Delta-Igbos" and the "main Igbos". Foolish people, all of them!

When a Fulani man is from Gombe state in north-east Nigeria, he doesn't say, 'am Gombe-Fulani' or 'am north-east Fulani'. Likewise, a Yoruba from Kwara or Kogi, would never say, 'I'm middle-belt Yoruba', he just says "omo o'dua lemi"  These people claim brotherhood beyond the imaginary boundaries of state and regions but encourage you to divide yourselves along those lines and you all in unmatched foolishness agree to be divided and even fight to be addressed as such.

Please, Nzeogwu, yes Major Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu, is from Okpanam in present day Delta state(then mid west before it was in Bendel). Okpanam, is a neighboring town to mine, Ibusa(anglicized Igbo uzo). However, it is well known that his coup was led by an Igbo man, being himself.

During the genocide, Asaba, another town bordering mine in the present day Delta state, was deprived of men, they were all gathered and slaughtered. Why? Simple, they were Igbos. While you run about claiming Delta-Igbo, other Nigerians know you as Igbo and should the tribal card be played, would treat you as one, but when they want to deceive you to get something from you, they say you are Delta-Igbo, and you foolishly swallow their crap. Dumb-wits!

Those ones across the Niger always want to feel like heroes of the genocide, thinking they were the only ones who paid the price of lives to keep this contraption breathing. All because of things told them by others as the Yoruba led press and the Hausa/Fulani led governments.

Igbos, think, i say, think!
When the troubles in Ukraine started, why was Crimea annexed by Russia? I'll tell you, because they were native Russians. That is the oyibo wey una dey worship, still clinging on to tribal sentiments and brotherhood across borders, into another country.

Let's not even mention Israelis or Arabs, or even Italians and Irish people, they all regardless of their passports and the country it carries, know and accept first, that they are natives of their tribes. Should there be need for whatever, they already know whom to side with in such events.

Albeit, the Igbos fight and deny their selves to the benefit of their enemies and to their common detriment. The Urhobo, Ijaw, Itshekiri, Isoko and all these riverine tribes in Delta state see me as Igbo, ask Ifeanyi Okowa, the current governor of the state, he will attest, they think we don't belong with them.

We in turn distance ourselves from our cousins across the bridge and are just forming "anioma" (which isn't in any way bad if the reason is to remind us of our roots and not to cut those ties). Somehow, ours is far better, as the population is split 60-40 in favor of people thinking as i do. 

The Ikwerres, are a lost people totally.
Next time, when i talk about Igbo things, if you have nothing meaningful to contribute, just shut the hole in your face and say nothing, don't even exercise your writing skills in waste, because i know my roots and I'm not even faintly ashamed of it.

I will be addressed as Delta-Igbo only when we begin to have and adress people as middlebelt-yoruba and northeast-fulani. Daalu! N.D.I