''Nigeria: Special Police Squad 'Get Rich' Torturing Detainees And Demanding Bribes In Exchange For Freedom.'' - Amnesty International

Detainees are subjected to hanging, starvation, shootings and mock executions and some SARS police officers regularly demand bribes and extort money from relatives, amnesty.org.uk reports.

Amnesty International has accused a special unit of Nigerian police set up to combat crimes of torturing detainees in its custody as a means of extracting confessions and lucrative bribes.

The international human rights campaign organisation said in a report published on Wednesday, September 21, that former detainees said they had been subjected to horrific torture methods, including hanging, starvation, beatings, shootings and mock executions, at the hands of corrupt officers within the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

The report read in part; ''Amnesty has received reports from lawyers, human rights defenders and journalists and collected testimonies stating that some police officers in SARS regularly demand bribes, steal and extort money from criminal suspects and their families.'' Read Full Report Here