Our Photo Of The Day! This Is A Typical Example Of Empty Promise(s)!

This picture and others alike were the order of the day a little over a year ago in Nigeria. In their quest to muscle power off the then president Goodluck Jonathan, Buhari led APC now in government flooded Nigeria with empty promises and packages of lies. They employed Mr Liar Muhamed to do the dirty work of serving to convey the false impression and now the reality is that Nigeria has lost more jobs than they promised to create. 

According to an insider source, the plan was to stifle and suffocate the people of the South East and South South Nigeria of their economic and commerce power, kill their businesses and make them economically powerless in the new Nigerian order they planned to create. Now the whole plan has crumbled, creating the worse economic recession the country has never witnessed since after his own (Muhammadu Buhari's) reign as head of state back in 1983, 84 and 85.