EFCC Now After Peter Obi Over His Iconic Independent Day Speech, Wants To Link Him To Patience Jonathan's Million Dollars!

Information making waves indicates that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission [EFCC] who were already investigating the former governor of Anambra State Peter Obi may have expanded the scoop of their investigation to include probing his link to the monies recently discovered hidden in several accounts supposedly belonging to the former first lady of the Nation, Dame Patience Jonathan.

According to sources , the EFCC received a tip off from a whistle blower who pointed the Commission’s attention to a possible link existing between Peter Obi and the alleged money laundering activities of Patience Jonathan. The source explains that the EFCC suspects that a link exist and has launched an investigation to find evidence to confirm its suspicions.

To that extent, the EFCC office investigation the alleged crimes of Peter Obi was transferred from Enugu to Lagos. The Lagos office of the EFCC had been the office investigating the Patience Jonathan money laundering activities. Peter Obi’s case files were transferred to Lagos in order for the team of investigators investigating Patience Jonathan to also work on Peter Obi’s case files.

The EFCC original investigation against Peter Obi was based on documentary evidence of contract padding – particularly his activities towards to eve of his exit from the Anambra top seat. Over N259billion of fictitious contract pay outs to cronies of the former governor were hurriedly made with less than 2 weeks to the swearing of the incoming Governor. This was according to the petition.

The EFCC in investigation the allegation wrote a query to the Anambra Ministry of Works to clarify on some questions. Sources learnt that the querying letter was responded to by the Ministry. And the EFCC is said to have continued with their investigation with the useful information confirmed by the Ministry.

Peter Obi was made a deputy director in the campaign in charge of the south east. He was in charge of the south east for the Jonathan campaign. About N300 billion was raised for the south east campaign and electioneering push. Interestingly, the entire monies [over N300 billion] spent for the campaign was made available by Peter Obi. Sources within the EFCC suspect the source of the money to be from the contract padding in Anambra State the year before.

What is certain and factual is the existing conditions of the said contracts that were the subject of the padding. Many of the contracts were road construction projects that were hurriedly prepared and paid out without the normally procedural process. Strikingly, large percentage of the projects – to date – have yet to mobilize to site even though the monies, according to documentary evidence and signatures from Peter Obi, indicate over 50% of the contract sum were already paid out.

Peter Obi is presently jostling for the PDP ticket to join the senatorial race for the Anambra central senatorial district. A 247ureport extract.